Sunday, November 29, 2009

Obama Wins Again

America has a nearly stratospheric unemployment rate. Home foreclosures are booming. The surviving businesses must be preparing for a long slog since the banking system has been transformed in a manner that will penalize banks for activities that encourage business formation and growth. Yet there is no homelessness. Barack Obama that magical master of politics has brought about the impossible. He has brought about all the conditions necessary to produce massive homelessness without producing any homelessness. Miraculous! He can do the impossible. What a guy!
Maybe he really is capable of drastically increasing the number of people covered by health insurance, improving care and coverage plus doing all this at a lower cost than the old, too expensive way that gave Americans worse health care than they deserve. The man can do the impossible. So let’s set him loose on more of our problems. The least I could do for our great Obama is to ask the Senate to quit blocking his solutions and stop asking dumb questions.
Have to go slow with this. As I prepare to write letters to Senators I went to the HUD website to gather stats on our unbelievable conquest of homelessness. The link to Facts is broken. Well, sure, I just so badly wanted to believe that I started believing before checking the facts. There do not seem to be any facts. A lack of reporting from the MSM about the problem makes it more difficult for me to make a major change in my world view.
I am left with my old world view. If George Bush were still president the government would make the data available. If Bush were still president the MSM would be full of stories about homeless families and homeless children. The MSM wants to believe so badly that they won’t look at anything that doesn’t support their beliefs. I would have no clue what is going on in the world if it were not for the internet and Fox News. I guess that’s why Obama and his MSM attack Fox and the internet. Fox is the Luke Skywalker to the MSNBC and CNN and Katie Couric and George Stephanopoulos’ Darth Vader.
Obama looks like he won again because he plays the refs and cheats a little.

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Joe said...

"...plays the refs and cheats a little."

A lot.