Sunday, November 22, 2009

"There is only one emotion. If used in one way it is hate; in the other it is love. There is no third."

********************This is a quote from The Ten Commandments by Emmet Fox.************

Do not think that every thought you think will be demonstrated. Of course, it will not. Neither will very much happen for your good if you say perfunctorily, "God is all." Fortunately, when you say negative things or when you think negative things, it does not matter particularly, so long as you do not feel them. It is every thought you feel that counts.
There are some people who sometimes indulge in what is called a temper. You know what temper is – a storm of feeling. So you see how dangerous this is. When you are very angry, or very frightened, or filled with self-pity, you are filled with negative feelings, and that is the thing that is demonstrated. So watch your feelings. Miriam has to be controlled.
You can learn Truth very quickly. The father side, but the feeling is the difficult thing. Train yourself to put your feeling only into the thoughts that you want to demonstrate. Keep it out of those that you do not want to demonstrate.
Suppose you are going to be angry with someone. That is intense feeling. Now the feeling of anger is destructive, and it may not, and usually does not, hurt the object of its anger, it is going to hurt you. If you say, “This person may have behaved badly, acted meanly, deceived me, defrauded me or somebody else, but I am not going to get angry. I regret wjat happened, etc., etc.,” the feeling is there just the same. Do not try to repress it in this way, but switch it into something which is positive. Say, “This is too bad about this person, but thank God it was not I who did this thing. I can thank God he robbed me; not that I robbed him. Now he needs help. He is a human being, a child of God, the same as I am. Had I been in his shoes I might have done the same thing or even worse. So I am going to save him instead of hating him. I will be angry in a moment if I am not careful so I am going to switch this into love.” There is only one emotion. If used in one way it is hate; in the other it is love. There is no third. So you see the Christ in him. By doing that you have helped yourself and you will have changed him permanently.
. . . Act the part, get the thought right, fill it with feeling, and the demonstration will surely come.

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