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Glenn Gould - Moonlight Sonata pt. I (Beethoven)

“The Only Guy Who Did Anything About It Was George W Bush”

In an old quote Mark Steyn exposes the superficiality of lefty American feminists. He then points out that they have turned their backs on the hundreds of millions of women in the Muslim world truly in need of liberating: "The trivia of identity-group politics in America is beyond parody: Women are now so dominant at, say, U.S. law schools that feminist groups are reduced to complaining about the lack of female pipe-fitters. If this keeps up, circa 2015 NOW will be complaining that there are too few female wait staff. And circa 2020 that there are too few female prostitutes. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan women were prevented by law from feeling sunlight on their faces and the only guy who did anything about it was George W Bush. We have “honor killings” now not just in Jordan and Pakistan, but in Britain and Germany and Scandinavia. Where are the feminists on that? This is the biggest lever we have in the Muslim world — the fact that half their populations are chattels. They don’t want to be navel-pierced Britneyized slatterns but a lot of them want something other. That’s a huge opportunity."

ht/Pundet & Pundette

If Only AIG Had Called them Earmarks Instead of Bonuses Congress and Obama Would Have Backed Them All The Way

Our New President Believes In Public Education So Much He Won't Let His Kids Near A Public School

Ezra Levant, Part 1

I've noticed that this site gets many Canadian visitors. I'm sure most of them have already seen this clip on Mr. Levant's site. But this issue is of great interest to everyone in the English speaking world that cares about our basic freedoms.

Equivocation And Self-Doubt Is Not The American Spirit

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Beck on the Rule of Law


James Carville Does Know A Thing Or Two About Ignorance In The Democrat Party

James Carville said:
“Ideologies aren't all that important. What's important is psychology.

The Democratic constituency is just like a herd of cows. All you have to do is lay out enough silage and they come running. That's why I became an operative working with Democrats. With Democrats all you have to do is make a lot of noise, lay out the hay, and be ready to use the ole cattle prod in case a few want to bolt the herd.

Eighty percent of the people who call themselves Democrats don't have a clue as to political reality.
What amazes me is that you could take a group of people who are hard workers and convince them that they should support social programs that were the exact opposite of their own personal convictions. Put a little fear here and there and you can get people to vote any way you want.

The voter is basically dumb and lazy. The reason I became a Democratic operative instead of a Republican was because there were more Democrats that didn't have a clue than there were Republicans.

Truth is relative. Truth is what you can make the voter believe is the truth. If you're smart enough, truth is what you make the voter think it is. That's why I'm a Democrat. I can make the Democratic voters think whatever I want them to.”
“I was against gay marriage until I realized I didn't have to get one."

Peace Movement Has Ceased Moving

The ‘peace’ movement’s sudden loss of interest in protesting American military action can only make one wonder if they have ever had much interesting peace. Stop the ACLU has a post on this issue today.
This excerpt gives the conclusion:
"This makes it obvious that “peace” is not the agenda of the so-called peace movement. Politics is. They wanted a Democrat and did their level best to destroy George W. Bush’s policies to get that Democrat in office. Their guy won. Obama went to the White House and so these “peace vigils” end.
"It doesn’t matter one little bit that the troops haven’t come home and that the “peace” they claimed to want hasn’t been achieved.
Obama won.
"Quite regardless of any reality, THAT is their “peace.”
"It also reveals their lies."

Beethoven Piano Sonata 32, Movement 2

Is There Some Correlation Among Dishonesty, Stupidity and A Seat In Congress ??


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"Take the Limbaugh Challenge" -- Startling LAT Headline

The Los Angeles Times opinion page today looked like something the guys at Hot Air might write. (Not Allahpundit but the good looking one, Ed.) The LAT telling the truth right out loud and in public has caused a lot of cognitive dissonance among conservatives. It is as if they were trying to throw us off just before a major attack. Though some people think this only happened because the Times has been losing money faster than Obama can print it.
It was by a conservative named Andrew Klavan. And it said some things that just never get said in the LAT. For instance:
“You're not a moderate or you wouldn't be reading this newspaper. You're not tolerant of a wide range of views; you are tolerant of a narrow spectrum of variations on your views. And, whatever you claim, you still haven't listened to Rush Limbaugh.
. . . . . . . .
“Now let me tell you the real answer: You're a lowdown, yellow-bellied, lily-livered intellectual coward. You're terrified of finding out he makes more sense than you do.”
But its main focus was on the intellectual dishonesty in recent liberal attacks on Rush Limbaugh. Here area couple of good quotes from the piece:
“Whenever I interrupt a liberal's anti-Limbaugh rant to point out that the ranter has never actually listened to the man, he always says the same thing: "I've heard him!"

“On further questioning, it always turns out that by "heard him," he means he's heard the selected excerpts spoon-fed him by the distortion-mongers of the mainstream media. These excerpts are specifically designed to accomplish one thing: to make sure you never actually listen to Limbaugh's show, never actually give him a fair chance to speak his piece to you directly.

“By lifting some typically Rushian piece of outrageous hilarity completely out of context, the distortion gang knows full well it can get you to widen your eyes and open your mouth in the universal sign of Liberal Outrage. Your scrawny chest swelling with a warm sense of completely unearned righteousness, you will turn to your second spouse and say, "I'm not a liberal, I'm a moderate, and I'm tolerant of a wide range of differing views -- but this goes too far!"“


Vivaldi: Concerto for two violins in G minor

Arcangelo Corelli: Concerto grosso No.4 in D Major, Part 1

British Muslims Becoming Suicide Bombers in Somalia

While this foolishness is going on our State Department is bringing Somali Muslims to settle in small American towns. What could go wrong? And is the State Dept. on our side?

ht/Atlas Shrugs

Even Chris Matthews Wonders If the Prez Is Trying to Bypass the Press Corps

Another Obama attempt to further decrease transparency.


Lydia the Tattooed Lady

On The Job Training For New President Starting To Bother The Economist

The March 26 issue of The Economist has a piece that details some of Obama's shortcomings in office. They had endorsed his election but now they're looking back on the campaign and realizing that they were forewarned that he had no executive experience. They also now realize that he was never vetted by the media.
They seem surprised that independent voters are starting to turn against Obama and the Democrats. They also seem a little surprised his poor performance in office has given him no better popularity than Bush at the same point. They seem to be saying, "We know he f__ks up by the numbers but we don't fully understand why a rational being would ever give a Republican any serious consideration." It is both sad and funny when the media disseminate BS, have some awareness that it indeed is BS but can't stop believing their own brazen BS.
At the beginning of the campaign Obama loudly and repeatedly announced that little but racism could be expected from John McCain. This was based on no evidence from the campaign and believed by gullible lefties despite McCain's long public history that lacks one racist act. Yet the poor Economist seems surprised and mystified that Obama has not delivered the bipartisan spirit of governing that he promised. They still do not realize that blather was only for the rubes. The Economist's continued amazement in the face of harsh reality indicates that they are nowhere near finished buying into Obama's BS.
The remainder of this post are a few exact quotations from The Economist's piece.

HILLARY CLINTON’S most effective quip, in her long struggle with Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination last year, was that the Oval Office is no place for on-the-job training. It went to the heart of the nagging worry about the silver-tongued young senator from Illinois: that he lacked even the slightest executive experience, and that in his brief career he had never really stood up to powerful interests, whether in his home city of Chicago or in the wider world. Might Mrs Clinton have been right about her foe?
. . . . . . .
. . . at home Mr Obama has had a difficult start. His performance has been weaker than those who endorsed his candidacy, including this newspaper, had hoped. Many of his strongest supporters—liberal columnists, prominent donors, Democratic Party stalwarts—have started to question him. As for those not so beholden, polls show that independent voters again prefer Republicans to Democrats, a startling reversal of fortune in just a few weeks. Mr Obama’s once-celestial approval ratings are about where George Bush’s were at this stage in his awful presidency. Despite his resounding electoral victory, his solid majorities in both chambers of Congress and the obvious goodwill of the bulk of the electorate, Mr Obama has seemed curiously feeble.
There are two main reasons for this. The first is Mr Obama’s failure to grapple as fast and as single-mindedly with the economy as he should have done. His stimulus package, though huge, was subcontracted to Congress, which did a mediocre job: too much of the money will arrive too late to be of help in the current crisis. . . . . And he has taken too long to produce his plan for dealing with the trillions of dollars of toxic assets which fester on banks’ balance-sheets.
The failure to staff the Treasury is a shocking illustration of administrative drift. There are 23 slots at the department that need confirmation by the Senate, and only two have been filled. This is not the Senate’s fault. Mr Obama has made a series of bad picks of people who have chosen or been forced to withdraw . . . .
Second, Mr Obama has mishandled his relations with both sides in Congress. Though he campaigned as a centrist and promised an era of post-partisan government, that’s not how he has behaved. . . . But if Mr Obama had done a better job of selling his package, and had worked harder at making sure that Republicans were included in drafting it, they would have found it more difficult to oppose his plans.
If Mr Obama cannot work with the Republicans, he needs to be certain that he controls his own party. Unfortunately, he seems unable to. Put bluntly, the Democrats are messing him around.

ht/Stop the ACLU

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Whose Press Confeferences and Town Hall Potempkin Villages Does This Remind You Of ???

Democrat Senator Tells Rachel Maddow She's FOS

FOS might be a bit of an exaggeration. But with the obnoxiousness level of Maddow's voice and manners wildly accelerating in just the last two months this was enjoyable to watch. The total lack of balance or reality testing on MSNBC makes viewing difficult.


Kant Attack Ad

Ludwig Wittgenstein Contra Socrates

Derek and the Dominos: Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out

Spike Jones - 'Never Hit Your Grandma With A Shovel'

Spike Jones - 'Never Hit Your Grandma With A Shovel'



All Republicans Are Racist; No Non-Republican Is A Racist

A Neuroanatomist Describes Her Stroke

She makes brain anatomy come alive in a short talk. I think she is mildly confused about what and where nirvana is. She is also a little confused how much and what we are capable of. But imo the truth is probably somewhere out there between my position and hers.

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Britain's Version of Chris Matthews Tries to Berate MEP Daniel Hannan

This clip gives more context. I remember seeing this newsreader slapped around by Ann Coulter.


Update at 1920. I was mistaken about this being the guy I saw Ann Coulter with. The Brit she b- slapped was Jeremy Paxman.

Obama Plans To Criminalize Copyright Infringment ?

They long ago sold out to corporate interests (where do you think most of the $3/4 billion in campaign contributions came from?). And now they are trying to sneak this through congress as payback. Don't expect the emasculated press corps to call them on this (or anything else).

hy/Living in Bizarro World
Willard Robison's Orchestra - My Melancholy Baby, 1927

Dylan : Return To Me

Tell Laura I Need Her

The Federal Reserve Has Not Been Audited Since 1950 *** Let's Bring Some HopeandChange to Them

ht/Jane Q. Republican



Already in the east the amorous star
Illumined heaven, while from her northern height
Great Juno's rival through the dusky night
Her beamy radiance shot. Returning care
Had roused th' industrious hag, with footstep bare,
And loins ungirt, the sleeping fire to light;
And lovers thrill'd that season of despight,
Which wont renew their tears, and wake despair.
When my soul's hope, now on the verge of fate,
(Not by th' accustomed way; for that in sleep
Was closed, and moist with griefs,) attain'd my heart.
Alas, how changed! "Servant, no longer weep,"
She seem'd to say; "resume thy wonted state:
Not yet thine eyes from mine are doom'd to part."

Thursday, March 26, 2009

ABC News Abandons News to Teach Its Values to Poor, Blind America

I came across this clip on Casey Fiano's site. Her analysis is spot on. I find ABC's judgmental and agenda driven approach disgusting. They try to use peer pressure to shame viewers into conformity. They are not reporting news. They are attempting to create a new zeit geist via a kind of stealth attack.

Be sure to check out Casey's site. It has a great pic of her in a bikini. And if you like girls with guns she's got you covered. I, personally, prefer girls with brains and she's got you covered there too.

Man Made Global Warming Loses at A University Debate in Scotland

St Andrews University Debating Society in Scotland recently held a debate about man made global warming. Stop the ACLU has an excellent post about it. The post noted that, “It is difficult to arrange a debate of anthropogenic (that is, man-made) global warming (AGW) because few proponents of AGW are willing to face such debate. They know from past experience that they always lose such debates because there is no evidence that AGW exists and much evidence that it does not.” And also that, “t was somewhat spoiled by the weakness of the proponents of the motion. (I have good reason to suspect this weakness is because stronger speakers could not be obtained to propose the motion. If so, then it is yet another example of leading proponents of AGW fearing to face their critics in open debate).”
The complete post is well worth reading.

Wall St. Has Owned the Democrat Party for Years

Everything below is copied and pasted from Ann Coulter's latest column.

Democrats take care of the financial industry -- and the financial industry takes care of Democrats. After honing his financial skills as the bagman for Bill Clinton's White House, Rahm Emanuel was hired by the investment bank Wasserstein Perella, where he worked for 2 1/2 years.

For that, Emanuel was paid more than $18 million. (Maybe Rahm Emanuel was the Democrat livid at Schumer for preserving a sweet tax deal for hedge fund managers!)

Democrats have a beautiful system: They're showered with Wall Street money, but they also get to pillory Republicans for being the party of "Wall Street." The bankers don't care if Democrats attack them. They still get their bailout money.

.. . . . . . . . . . . . .

How did Republicans get saddled with Wall Street? Obama just got the biggest campaign haul from Wall Street in world history, and Republicans still can't shake the public perception that they are tied at the hip to Wall Street bankers who hate them.

It's as if National Rifle Association members conspired with Republicans to bankrupt the country and everyone blamed the Democrats for being shills of the NRA.

Maybe if the financial capital of the nation were located in Salt Lake City, rather than Manhattan, the financial community would support Republicans. But Wall Street is a street located in New York City.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Last September, The New York Times reported that individuals associated with the securities and investment industry had given $9.9 million to the Obama campaign, $7.4 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign and only $6.9 million to the McCain campaign. Either they're all Democrats or some commodity named "hope" was going through the roof last year.

Employees of Lehman Bros. alone gave Obama $370,000, compared to about $117,000 to McCain. (No wonder Bush let them go under.)

According to an analysis of Federal Election Commission records by the Center for Responsive Politics, the top three corporate employers of donors to Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Rahm Emanuel were Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and JPMorgan. Six other financial giants were in the top 30 donors to the White House Dream Team: UBS AG, Lehman Bros., Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse Group.

Potato Day: When Your Gravity Fails and Your Negativity Won't Pull You Through

Orwell Lives !

Transparency Update

There is one area where Obama has been wildly successful. He has tamed the White House press corps and pretty much ended the practice of reporters asking the administration embarrassing or unwanted questions. You might say this goes against his promises of transparency but you'd never say that in the White House briefing room and ever be allowed another question.
Some people might say this proves that the new administration feels it has something to hide. Some might say that this gives more evidence to those who have begun to say that Barack Obama suffers from Narcissistic personality disorder. But neither of these things is likely to be said any time or place where the president is close to a microphone.

I wrote the two paragraphs above in the comments section of another blog in answer to the question,
"How's Obama's agenda doing?"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who Is Jesus? Via the Works of C. S. Lewis

This Is Very Funny

“Even though independent reports have shown the media was more critical of Barack Obama than John McCain during the presidential contest, there is still a fantasy that the press is gaga over now-President Obama.”

The above quote is offered as entertainment. It was said by David Shuster on MSNBC. This is a man who’s job requires him to be aware of what is happening in the world. My main line of questioning is, ‘Was it mushrooms? Maybe LSD? Possibly psilocybin? Mescaline? DMT?’ I guess they couldn’t test their urine or they would have no so-called talent in front of the camera.
A sobering thought is that there are enough people who watch this foolishness to make the space cadet network economically viable. But you’ve got to figure that maybe a third of their audience is stoned libertarians looking for something to laugh at.


State of Missouri Profiling Those Who Criticize the Government


Just for Laughs: Springtime for Hitler

************ Lookout, here comes the master race !

Opening Scenes of the Movie Made of Joyce's Ulysses

The Light of Chicago Leads Us: To Be So Blessed And Not Even Know It

Sometimes it is difficult to have dwell with people who don't understand the truly astonishing thing that is happening among us.  Since matter first existed nothing as magnificent as Barack Obama has existed.  Never in all of those eons.  Never!  We are blessed to live in such wondrous times.  Since the stupid little founding of America nothing of note ever happened in the Western hemisphere until a few years ago some masters of thought and communication conceived and created MSNBC.  The caring and unselfish opinionators of MSNBC taught us how to truly hate the Bushhitler.  They began to free America from its Republican slavemasters.  After this miracle any one could have died happy knowing that something of value was finally operating in America.  But, marvel of marvels and wonder of wonders this was just a beginning.  For it has been revealed that MSNBC came only to prepare the way and make us ready for the great Barack.  MSNBC had to come and make us worthy.  Only they could teach us how to truly and perfectly hate Republicans.  The slow. smirking, seemingly fallacious and often petty burn of this hate was necessary to prepare us inwardly for Obama.  To the low and unworthy what Chris and Keith did often seemed frivolous, shabby and envious.  But what can decent people say to fools who  think honesty and truth are still possible,  And, truly, some people will never be able to appreciate the importance of well developed pectoral muscles and endlessly cunning and devious BS.  We are living in the golden age of America, yet some want to focus on little things like ethics, clean elections and the free enterprise system.  Barack lives among us and some big babies want to also be free.  We have the Light of Chicago to lead us but there are some swollen egos who presume to tell him where to take us.  His prophets Keith, Chris, Chuck, George, Harry, Matt and Katie will tell you all you need to know.  So shut up already.

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Tea Parteeeeee ! ! ! !

Neil Cavuto With Some Common Sense


Victor David Hanson ** Discusses His Life and History

I was fascinated by his stories of his youth. I went to high school sixty miles from his high school. He is about fifteen years younger and much better educated than I am.
At about 35 minutes there are some observations on suicide bombers based on his researches about the battle of Okinawa.

STARDUST --- Artie Shaw 1940

Is This Gay Marriage Compromise Really A Compromise?

From the site Thinking Out Loud I have a proposed comprise on gay marriage that was occasioned by proposals from Jonathan Rausch and David Blankenhorn. The last paragraph of the post says, “If it’s a grand bargain we’re after, consider an alternative federal law prohibiting states from attaching legal significance to an individual’s marital status. The law would define “marital status” narrowly to include an individual’s relationship with a significant other as recognized by a religious organization. Likewise, the law would define “marriage” as the spiritual union of two individuals. Under this regime, legal benefits or obligations which traditionally flow from marital status would do so no longer. Instead, states could recognize and regulate healthy, stable interpersonal relationships by way of civil union, provided they do so equally and on a secular basis. Left for churches and other religious organizations are the religious and moral dimensions of “marriage.” Religious organizations will have autonomy over those aspects of matrimony in which they claim historical or divine province. That is, churches would be left to govern the sacred principles associated with the institution, and to ordain whichever marriages they see fit without fear of legal repercussion.”
I find this to be an unusual use of the word ‘compromise’ since the opponents of gay marriage would have to give up much in return for nothing. But the supporters of gay marriage would get most every thing they want and set the precedent of becoming the sole deciders of the terms of the discussion. Thus would 'compromise' become as devalued in meaning as 'bipartisan,' 'transparency' and 'most ethical congress ever.' A lack of respect for reasonable discussion has been demonstrated by many opponents of California’s Proposition 8 in their blanket description of all supporters of the Proposition as guilty of hate based solely on lack of political conformity: thus the word ‘hate’ is nearly striped of meaning in public discussion.
This s a huge, major and very big issue. It deserves long and reasoned discussion. And right now is not the best time to give this the attention it deserves. Too much focus is demanded by financial issues for this large an area of public policy to be treated as it deserves. My compromise: let’s table all action for five years and then see if we can give it the scrutiny and public discussion it merits. Now is not a good time to become overly defocused.

Nefarious War

Last year we fought by the head-stream of the Sang-kan,

This year we are fighting on the Tsung-ho road.

We have washed our armor in the waves of Chiao-chi lake,

We have pastured our horses on Tien-shan's snowy slopes.

The long, long war goes on ten thousand miles from home,

Our three armies are worn and grown old.

The barbarian does man-slaughter, not plowing;

On this yellow sand-plains nothing has been seen but

blanched skulls and bones.

Where the Chin emperor built the walls against the Tartars,

There the defenders of Han are burning beacon fires.

The beacon fires burn and never go out,

There is no end to war!—

In the battlefield men grapple each other and die;

The horses of the vanquished utter lamentable cries to heaven,

While ravens and kites peck at human entrails,

Carry them up in their flight, and hang them on the branches of dead trees.

So, men are scattered and smeared over the desert grass,

And the generals have accomplished nothing.

Oh, nefarious war! I see why arms

Were so seldom used by the benign sovereigns.

Li Po

Who Gave Obama $100k?

AIG gave Obama the $100k. Do you think that's why he used to be OK with the bonuses?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Johnny Hartman: It Never Entered My Mind ** All Girl Jazz Band from Paris

My President Promised Me Bipartinship And Postpartinship And All I Got Was . . .

Stop the ACLU has a good piece that analyzes two recent editorials about Obama and bipartisanship. I especially enjoyed this paragraph:
“But, the differences in the two are not just in conclusion but in the journey it took to get there. Sadly, the journey the Dunkelman piece took to get to its conclusion went through Obamamania, into the Obamagobsmacked tunnel, then it took The One turnpike, and ended up parked squarely in Obama’s southern port… if you know what I mean? In other words, it was based solely on a sycophantic love affair with the Obammessiah instead of on solid political analysis.”
But I recommend reading the whole thing for a quick journey among Federalists, Antifederalists, the Civil War, Reconstruction, Obamamania and some recent home truths. Go. Enjoy.

New Site Coming For Discussion Of Classic Books

Some time in the next few weeks I will be launching a new and different site. It will be concerned with the reading and discussion of the great books. There are many lists of the great books. There are links to a few of them. here, here, here and here. This link is to a site where it is easy to download ebooks of many of the greats. I mean by great books the works of such writers as Homer, Sophocles, Plato, Cicero, Cervantes, Milton, Dickens, Joyce and the like. These books are characterized by their participation in the long standing discussion of important ideas such as freedom, government, man. God, law, truth and beauty. These are the writers and books that have laid out the most influential insights about these ideas.
I encourage input on how to best go about the discussion of these books. And also input as to which books to choose. I have a loose plan to begin with but I'm anxious to modify it in any way that will encourage more discussion and more participation.
I have just finished reading Dostoevsky's Demons and will start the whole thing off with a post about it. I then plan to reread John Milton's Areopagitica and write an analysis of that classic defense of freedom of the press. After that I'd like to discuss some stories from Joyce‘s Dubliners. From that collection I have chosen to write about ‘The Sisters,’ ‘Ivy Day In the Committee Room’ and ‘The Dead.’ I just read these stories again and look forward to writing about them and discussing them After that I'd like to do Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson. But we'll see what happens with the initial offerings and decide how to proceed.
I plan to cross post my larger posts here and see if that has any effect on insomnia in cyber-space.
Pundit and Pundette had a post over the weekend about lists of the best books. I like to go to their site because its design is imaginative and comfortable (you‘ll love it if you love old movies). And their content is worth the trip since they aren’t always writing about the same stuff everyone else on the web is harping on. They write about important things but not necessarily the absolute latest thing that I probably won’t care about in a week. Recently they had pieces about what Barack Obama’s sense of humor tell us about him, Michelle Obama’s home economics advise, Jon Hamm from ‘Mad Men,’ the enduring popularity of John Wayne, what’s wrong with schools becoming purveyors of self-esteem and a round up of evaluations of Obama’s performance as president so far (I, personally, really would like to give Obama six month or a year before becoming very critical; but he has done too much is a short time and I am convinced that no president has ever caused America so much harm in a comparable period of time. It is almost as if the destruction of the Republic is his goal. But it is difficult to assess how much of a factor total incompetence has been.)

Here are two relevant videos.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Racism On Steroids

Recently NRO wrote about a race based voter discrimination suit that DOJ won. It was especially notable since, “. . . the Clinton administration’s Civil Rights Division consistently refused to take action.” And, “This is probably one of the worst cases of intentional voting discrimination that the Justice Department has prosecuted since the 1960s. But the lawsuit was filed only after a vicious internal fight in the Civil Rights Division. Left-wing career lawyers in the Voting Section made it abundantly clear that they didn’t want to use the Voting Rights Act to protect white voters, no matter how egregious the violations.”
The next five paragraphs quoted from the NRO piece set out many of the facts of the case:
“The court decision shows that Brown had his own local version of Tammany Hall, and local election officials followed his orders. This included publishing in the local newspaper a list of 174 white Democratic voters whose eligibility he intended to challenge if they tried to vote in an upcoming election. According to the court, Brown compiled the list based on the individuals’ perceived lack of support for black candidates. One voter testified that she was so intimidated she didn’t vote. Another testified that she was so scared she felt she couldn’t approach the polls alone.
“The court also found that Brown took measures to ensure that absentee ballots from black voters were automatically counted even if they didn’t comply with Mississippi law, while absentee ballots from white voters with the same deficiencies were challenged and not counted. He even reviewed many absentee ballots the night before an election, placing notes on them saying which should be counted and which should be rejected.
“One victim, whose absentee ballot was basically stolen by the defendants and whose signature on the application and ballot envelope were obviously forged, was brought in a second time to testify after she was confronted by a member of the local Democratic party following her initial testimony. The witness was told that “we black people need to stick together” and was urged to testify that she “probably didn’t understand what [she was] being asked” during the first go-around.
“The court also found that Brown recruited black individuals to run for office against white incumbents despite knowing that they didn’t meet residency requirements; refused to appoint whites as poll workers; and sent out Democratic party members to give unrequested “assistance” to black voters, marking their ballots for them and telling them how to vote. All of this was intended to dilute the voting strength of white voters and to achieve his goal, which he openly expressed — “that all of the county’s elected officials should be black.”
“Even after the lawsuit was filed and Brown’s lawyers told the federal court that Brown wouldn’t interfere in any ongoing elections, he continued his pervasive racial discrimination. In fact, he told a federal observer that “I don’t care what the court says. I am still primarily responsible for running this election.” That’s exactly the kind of defiance that white officials engaged in during the 1960s, when the Voting Rights Act was first passed.”
Many in DOJ wanted nothing to do with this case and it is conceivable that it might never have been filed. Except that, “the honest trial attorneys on the case did their best to ensure that the division’s political leadership knew about Brown’s outrageous conduct, and litigation was ultimately approved. Thanks to their hard work, the court found that the defendants had “intentionally discriminated against the county’s white voters in violation of § 2 of the Voting Rights Act,” “engaged in improper, and in some instances fraudulent conduct,” and “committed blatant violations of state election laws . . . for the purpose of diluting white voting strength.” These trial attorneys endured significant criticism and abuse from their colleagues for their work on the case and probably jeopardized their career advancement.”
All of this proves to me that liberals have no problem with racism. They just don’t want certain select groups to suffer from racism. Elsewhere far too many of them really don’t mind if racism abounds. They have what amounts to racism on steroids. They have worked to give the word racist unusually nasty connotations and then apply it without evidence to anyone they disagree with. And then when an egregious case of racism appears they don’t mind people suffering from racism as long as it isn’t one of their protected special interest groups. It is Orwellian doublespeak racism that they oppose. But, plainly they have no problem being a racist they just don’t want it called that.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sharia Finance Is The Thin End Of The Wedge And Supports The Forces That Fight OurTroops

I came across this clip on the site Social Sense. Because I haven't researched the subject deeply, I can't vouch for its truth. But I see no conflict with anything I already know about the Islamic world or the willful blindness one so often sees in the American government. So I'm posting it as a spur to more discussion and investigation.

Thanks to Joe at Jo-Joe Politics for tipping me to Social Sense.

Orwell 2009

From NewsBusters today I have it that Liz Sidoti of AP wrote, “Barack Obama's optimistic campaign rhetoric has crashed headlong into the stark reality of governing.
“In office two months, he has backpedaled on an array of issues, gingerly shifting positions as circumstances dictate while ducking for political cover to avoid undercutting his credibility and authority. That's happened on the Iraq troop withdrawal timeline, on lobbyists in his administration and on money for lawmakers' pet projects”
That’s how lefties say it. Most people would just say, “He lied knowingly and often.”
We conservatives often think lefties talk funny. It sometimes seems to us almost as if Obama is speaking a foreign language. And this is not a coded reference to the missing birth certificate or any Manchurian candidate accusations. But he is not speaking a different language. He uses Orwellian distortion. Just as when he says ‘transparency’ he means his determined effort to control information and keep it away from the public. When Bush said ‘press conference’ he meant a bunch of impolite reporters asking whatever they wanted and trying to close in for the kill. But Obama means by the term a few pre-selected reporters asking pre-approved questions with nothing interesting or threatening happening: the reporters must check their testicles at the door. (And apparently they are looking forward to shucking that masculine baggage. A bunch of ravening wolves were transformed into groveling slaves at midday on January 20th.)

ht/Notoriously Conservative

NYT's Paul Krugman Finds Bank Bailout Plan Creates, 'Massive Moral Hazard"

Everything below is exactly quoted from Krugman's blog:

"The Obama administration is now completely wedded to the idea that there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the financial system — that what we’re facing is the equivalent of a run on an essentially sound bank. As Tim Duy put it, there are no bad assets, only misunderstood assets. And if we get investors to understand that toxic waste is really, truly worth much more than anyone is willing to pay for it, all our problems will be solved."
. . . . . . . . . .
"But it’s immediately obvious, if you think about it, that these funds will have skewed incentives. In effect, Treasury will be creating — deliberately! — the functional equivalent of Texas S&Ls in the 1980s: financial operations with very little capital but lots of government-guaranteed liabilities. For the private investors, this is an open invitation to play heads I win, tails the taxpayers lose. So sure, these investors will be ready to pay high prices for toxic waste. After all, the stuff might be worth something; and if it isn’t, that’s someone else’s problem.
"Or to put it another way, Treasury has decided that what we have is nothing but a confidence problem, which it proposes to cure by creating massive moral hazard."


ht/The Right Is Right

Victor David Hanson

The clip above is an excerpt from the longer clip below. His subject is Barack Obama and some of his policies. I will be putting the exalted ruler's name in the titles of posts less since I am convinced that I will thereby have fewer technical problems with my site. I call it the meaningless error message chilling effect that cuts traffic and makes it difficult for me to recognize my country. Apparently this chill blows off the lake into Chicago and is beginning to waft through the nation.

ht/Stop the ACLU

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rachmaninov plays Rachmaninov Piano Concerto 3 (1939)

Prokofiev plays Rachmaninoff Prelude op. 23 No 5 (C. 1920)

This is a recording made from a piano roll.

On Wenlock Edge the Wood's in Trouble

On Wenlock Edge the wood's in trouble;
His forest fleece the Wrekin heaves;
The gale, it plies the saplings double,
And thick on Severn snow the leaves.

'Twould blow like this through holt and hanger
When Uricon the city stood:
'Tis the old wind in the old anger,
But then it threshed another wood.

Then, 'twas before my time, the Roman
At yonder heaving hill would stare:
The blood that warms an English yeoman,
The thoughts that hurt him, they were there.

There, like the wind through woods in riot,
Through him the gale of life blew high;
The tree of man was never quiet:
Then 'twas the Roman, now 'tis I.

The gale, it plies the saplings double,
It blows so hard, 'twill soon be gone:
To-day the Roman and his trouble
Are ashes under Uricon.

by A. E. Housman

Evan Sayet Explains the Core Values of Liberalism

This is as good as his first lecture on this subject that received so much praise.


The Obamagasm Award

Lifted entirely from NewsBusters

Some Timely Gems From Treacher

The following is copied and pasted exactly from the site Mother, May I Sleep With Treacher?

"Sarah Palin and I don't talk much, 'cause I don't speak Tardese. 'Doy! Durr! Look at my dumb baby!' [audience member boos] Oh, lighten up."
I think we all remember where we were when we found out JFK had gone on the Tonight Show and mocked the developmentally disabled. As FDR said: "The only thing we have to fear is... one of those people trying to hug us." And who can forget the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln? "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, dedicated to the proposition that tards are hilarious."
Obama responds to the controversy: "You know, I didn't mess with those people's chromosomes. This administration has inherited these genetic anomalies."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tales From Socialized Medicine

". . . a report into at Mid-Staffordshire Hospitals trust found up to 1,200 people may have died needlessly due to “appalling standards of care” at a single hospital." Stop the ACLU has a great post about this ugly situation in just one out-of-control hospital. The good news, the people most likely to die in these inevitable bouts of failure, seniors, are also some of the least likely to vote Democrat.

I Protest! I Don't Know Who Or What But I Protest!

This is from the Republican Convention last year. It is funny, sad and scary. Sometimes some of them remember to show up to vote; too many last year. So ignorance rules.

ht/Notoriously Conservative

All AIG, All TheTime ---------------Did They Wear Poor Rush Out Or Something?


This guy is Gerry Pasciucco. He is in charge of AIG's Financial Products division. I'm surprised Obama has made them keep he bonuses to just six figures. As for the $100,000 AIG gave the Obama campaign, that is probably just the part they couldn't subject to the magical Obama transparency eraser.


Frum's Other Cocktail Party Act Reportedby Redeye


Nancy Pelosi Thinks I'm Unamerican: I Now Have A New Source Of Pride


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama Should Take Some Advice From A Wise Guy On How To Bleed A Mark

Stewart Goes After Obama Without Using The Revered Name


And Now For Something Completely Different

This link is to a site that takes you to the Sistine Chapel. There are controls so you can move the focus around to see any part of it, even the ceiling. It makes the Renaissance look so beautiful you almost forget the rack and the intolerance towards us baptists.

Army Sent Into Alabama Town Under Mysterious Circumstances

Everything below is quoted exactly from a CNSNews.com news story by Pete Winn, Senior Writer/Editor

The U.S. Army has launched an inquiry into how and why active duty troops from Fort Rucker, Ala., came to be placed on the streets of Samson, Ala., during last week's murder spree in that tiny South Alabama community. The use of the troops was a possible violation of federal law.
“On March 10, after a report of an apparent mass murder in Samson, Ala., 22 military police soldiers from Fort Rucker, Ala., along with the provost marshal, were sent to the city of Samson,” Harvey Perritt, spokesman for the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) at Fort Monroe, Va., told CNSNews.com on Monday.
“The purpose for sending the military police, the authority for doing so, and what duties they performed is the subject of an ongoing commander’s inquiry--directed by the commanding general of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, Gen. Martin Dempsey.”
TRADOC is the headquarters command for Ft. Rucker.
“In addition to determining the facts, this inquiry will also determine whether law, regulation and policy were followed,” Perritt added. “Until those facts are determined, it would be inappropriate to speculate or comment further.”
Jim Stromenger, a dispatcher at the Samson Police Department, confirmed the MP’s presence in the town, telling CNSNews.com that the troops “came in to help with traffic control and to secure the crime scene”--and the department was glad for the help.
“We’ve been getting a lot of calls,” Stromenger said. “They weren’t here to police, let me make that clear. They were here to help with traffic and to control the crime scene--so people wouldn’t trample all over (it).”
Stromenger said the town needed help--calls had gone out to all police departments in the area.
“We only have a five-man police department,” he told CNSNews.com. “We had officers from all surrounding areas helping out. There were a lot of streets to be blocked off and there had to be someone physically there to block them off. That’s what these MPs were doing. I don’t think they were even armed. The troops helped keep nosy people away.”
But Stromenger said it wasn’t the Samson Police Department that called for the troops.
“I don’t know who called Fort Rucker. But someone did. They wouldn’t have been able to come if someone hadn’t,” he added
. . . . . . . . . . . .
David Rittgers, legal policy analyst at the Cato Institute, said there are other laws barring use of federal troops outside of federal property, as well.
“Title 18, Section 375 of the U.S. Code is a direct restriction on military personnel, and it basically precludes any member of the army in participating in a ‘search, seizure, arrest or other similar activity, unless participation is otherwise authorized by law,’ “ Rittgers told CNSNews.com.
“The security of a crime scene is something I think that would roll up in the category of a ‘search, seizure or other activity,’” Rittgers added.


My friend, Cheryl, who always sends me funny stuff she finds on the net and lots of lol cats sent me another collection of puns.

1. The roundest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference.
He acquired his size from too much pi.

2. I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out
to be an optical Aleutian .

3. She was only a whisky maker, but he loved her still.

4. A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class because it
was a weapon of math disruption.

5. The butcher backed into the meat grinder and got a little behind in
his work.

6. No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be stationery.

7. A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering.

8. A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum

9. Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.

10. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

11. A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are
looking into it.

12. Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

13. Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat said to
the other, 'You stay here, I'll go on a head.'

14. I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.

15. A sign on the lawn at a drug rehab center said: 'Keep off the Grass.'

16. A small boy swallowed some coins and was taken to a hospital. When
his grandmother telephoned to ask how he was, a nurse said, 'No change yet.'

17. A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.

18. It's not that the man did not know how to juggle, he just didn't
have the balls to do it.

19. The short fortune-teller who escaped from prison was a small medium
at large.

20. The man who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned

21. A backward poet writes inverse.

22. In democracy it's your vote that counts. In feudalism it's your
count that votes.

23. When cannibals ate a missionary, they got a taste of religion.

24. Don't join dangerous cults: Practice safe sects!

Democrat Lawmakers Threatened With 'Targeting' If They Oppose Card Check

Are they worried they might not pull it off? Is the great Obama majority evaporating before they have finished their wish list? Do I detect some fear and desperation in congress?
The below is taken exactly from Newsbusters:

"Look no further for evidence of how important EFCA has become to liberals than Schultz threatening on March 11 to "take out" Democrats who don't toe the line

"'If there is any Democrat in the House or the Senate that doesn't line up for the Employee Free Choice Act, I promise you we will take you out. I promise you we will target you and I don't care you who are, how long you've been there, I will get the unions together and if you're a Democrat and you don't support the Employee Free Choice Act, we will take you out. You're either with us or you're against us.'"


This is copied and pasted complete from commenter MassConservative at NewsBusters:

1. Open a new file in your computer.
2. Name it 'Barack Obama'.
3. Send it to the Recycle Bin.
4. Empty the Recycle Bin.
5. Your PC will ask you: 'Do you really want to get rid of 'Barack Obama?'
6. Firmly Click 'Yes.'
7. Feel better?
GOOD - Tomorrow we'll do Nancy Pelosi!

Obama and ACORN Reputations for Honesty Not Improving

After You’ve Gone by Le Hot Club Stephane Grappellie and Django Reinhardt

Shine by Quintette du Hot Club de France: Stephane Grappellie and Django Reinhardt

NYC Tea Party from 2-28-09

I'd much rather use this space for good music or some poetry. But, since the dinosaur media will not cover these events I feel an obligation to do so.

Seattle Tea Party from2-27-09

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Federal Government Will No Longer Use the Term 'Enemy Combatant'

The site ANGRY WHITE DUDE has proposed some alternatives. It's short so I've copied and pasted the whole piece:

Showing the love for his Muslim terrorist homies, President Obama’s administration is ending use of the term “enemy combatant.”  The Justice Department said on Friday that it will no longer use the term to hold enemy comba….oops…the “you know whats” at Guantanamo.  His decision to close Guantanamo is ridiculously stupid because so many of the released “you know whats” have returned to their “you know what” ways.  Once a “you know what” always a “you know what.”  But heaven forbid we imprison them…that may make us look bad on with other “you know whats.”  If Obama was a Roman Caesar his name would be Doofus Maximus.
Since we can no longer call “you know whats” “you know whats,” the Angry White Dude will try to come up with some names that may be acceptable to Obama aka Doofus Maximus to call “you know whats.” Here are a few:
1.  Fuzzy little buddies
2. Head choppers
3. Hairy cave dwellers
4. emeny-a ombatants-cay
5. Guantanamonkeys
6. Burqa beaters
7. Enemizzle combatizzles
8. Brown bombers
9. Iranimals
10. Budding Democrats


FunnierThan Usual

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wonder Pill On Its Way?

I'm sure this story has been all over American news but it's the kind of thing I would go past with barely any notice. But I was reading The Statesman of Calcutta and saw it there (and I've pasted the complete story below). Why would I be reading a Calcutta paper? Because I was reminded of the lovely, clear English prose used in Indian papers and was enjoying some of it.

The Story:

LONDON, March 16: A pill could soon provide a new weapon in the battle of the bulge ~ thanks to scientists who have discovered a “fat controller” in the body which could be the key to staying slim and preventing heart ailments.
In fact, an international team has pinpointed an enzyme that determines whether the fat people eat is burnt off as energy or stored in the body, a breakthrough which raises the prospect of a pill to target the enzyme, allowing people to eat without the risk of putting on weight.
In their study on laboratory rodents, the team, led by California University, focused on MGAT2, an enzyme found in intestines of mice as well as humans.
Mice without the protein were able to eat a high-fat diet while remaining slim and healthy. The fat they absorbed was burnt off as energy, rather than stored, the Daily Mail reported.

Hoyt Axton and John Hartford: Yellow Rose of Texas

Hoyt's mother wrote 'Heartbreak Hotel.' In the '60s I saw him live at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach. CA. This clip is sedate compared to what I saw that night. The Golden Bear was a small intimate folk club in those days. The customers in the front row were only three or four feet from the performer. Hoyt put his guitar on his lap and used a butter knife on the neck. A guy in the front row asked, "Aren't you supposed to use a straight razor for that?" Hoyt leaned over to that guy and said in his gravely voice, "I left it in an audient."
John Hartford is memorable because he always made the Glen Campbell variety show worth watching.

Ayn Rand, 1959

"If I am only for myself, what am I?" Ayn doesn't understand the question. But she cannot be ignored since she has greatly influenced many.

Atlas has links to the other parts of this interview
ht/Atlas Shrugs

A Few Things I Had Never Read About The Dead Sea Scrolls

Yes, Pelosi Who Claims To Be An Environmentalist Demands A Private Jet

Victoria Jackson on Hannity

She reminds me of Gracie Allen. She's just silly and fun to watch. I enjoyed Bob Beckel's reaction to her. He knew that if he was his obnoxious self he would just look monstrous next to her light silliness. But it looked like he felt compelled to let the world know he isn't in complete agreement with her. But no one who has seen his shtick would have such illusions.

ht/Notoriously Conservative

Stossel on 20/20 Gives Another Side of the Stimulus Hoax

ht/Noli insipientium iniurius pati

O'Reilly Reminds Beck: "Success Will Cause the Left Smear Machine To Go After Your Kids."


New Links

In the past few days I have added two new links. Here’s a little rundown on the two new sites.

Pundit and Pundette has great graphics and a format that give it an attractive old time feel. They have conservative values. They do off-the-beaten-path stories that set them apart from much of the right blogisphere, They presently have a post the details some many of the unpleasant side effects from school’s emphasis on self-esteem.
Lower down they have a post entitled Questioning Obama’s intellectual brilliance.

Notoriously Conservative
has the suppressed video of Nancy Pelosi undressing for Brad Pitt. They have a funny clip of Hannity interviewing Larry the Cable Guy. These entertaining posts come in the midst of serious writing about the economy and politics.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What If You Had A Tea Party and Rahm Emanuel Said The Reporters Couldn't Come ???

This link to Instapundit has coverage of tea parties in forests all over the place that reporters refused to hear. MSM = by liberals, for liberals.

Nora Jones: Cold, Cold Heart

Diana Krall: Cry Me A River

Obama's Stem Cell Fudge

========The Dickey-Wicker Amendment=============
There was unlimited press about lifting the evilBushHitler's ban on federal financing of stem cell research. But the true amount of Change in policy is pretty limited. The remainder of this post is quotes from a Fox News story that describes the narrow amount of Change involved.

President Obama may have abolished contentious Bush-era restraints on federal funding of stem cell research on Monday, but a legislative obstacle still remains for scientists seeking more money.
A spending bill that Obama signed on Wednesday explicitly bans federal funding of any "research in which a human embryo or embryos are destroyed, discarded, or knowingly subjected to risk of injury or death," language that pertains to creation of new stem cell lines.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
Bush's executive policy additionally had limited researchers receiving federal aid to just 21 stem cell lines created before August 2001. Obama's reversal allows them to use hundreds of other stem cell lines already in existence.
But the Dickey-Wicker provision still prevents federally backed researches from creating their own stem cell lines, blocking their access to hundreds of new embryonic stem cell lines, usually from embryos left over from fertility treatments that would otherwise be discarded. Scientists tout such promising, long-term research in hopes of creating better treatments, possibly even cures, for conditions ranging from diabetes to paralysis.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Obama said Monday the stem cell policy is designed so that it "never opens the door to the use of cloning for human reproduction." Such cloning, he said, "is dangerous, profoundly wrong, and has no place in our society or any society."
Now the ball is in Congress' court, where only lawmakers can overturn Dickey-Wicker, which will remain in effect at least until the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30.

Lewis Black Promises Lots More Political Comedy After Honeymoon

Black might make some sense but he saw no media bias? Give me a break. But how often do you hear someone complain about the ref when every call goes their way?
Sure Obama can read a resume. But what good does that do if the guy gave you pages and pages of lies?
There will always be stupidity in American politics. But it tends to kill political humor if the whole MSM ignores anything stupid coming from the Dems.
Black acts like the questioner is asking dumb questions. But Black's unwillingness to look at why he would ask is willful stupidity.

Mr. Apollinax

When Mr. Apollinax visited the United States
His laughter tinkled among the teacups.
I thought of Fragilion, that shy figure among the birch-trees,
And of Priapus in the shrubbery
Gaping at the lady in the swing.
In the palace of Mrs. Phlaccus, at Professor Channing-Cheetah's
He laughed like an irresponsible foetus.
His laughter was submarine and profound
Like the old man of the seats
Hidden under coral islands
Where worried bodies of drowned men drift down in the green silence,
Dropping from fingers of surf.
I looked for the head of Mr. Apollinax rolling under a chair,
Or grinning over a screen
With seaweed in its hair.
I heard the beat of centaurs' hoofs over the hard turf
As his dry and passionate talk devoured the afternoon.
"He is a charming man"--"But after all what did he mean?"--
"He has pointed ears ... he must be unbalanced,"--
"There was something he said that I might have challenged."
Of dowager Mrs. Phlaccus, and Professor and Mrs. Cheetah
I remember a slice of lemon and a bitten macaroon.

T. S. Eliot

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mt. Rushmore

ht/The Astute Bloggers

Rush the Racist, Code Words and the Teacher's Union is Dangerous for America

Strangely enough this Dyson guy is a professor at a major American university: it would make as much sense to put your kid's tuition money in the stock market. I was surprised to hear Maher speak up against the teacher's union.


More Steyn

From NRO:

Just between you, me, and the old, the late middle-aged, and the early middle-aged: Isn’t it terrific to be able to stick it to the young? I mean, imagine how bad all this economic-type stuff would be if our kids and grandkids hadn’t offered to pick up the tab.

Well, okay, they didn’t exactly “offer” but they did stand around behind Barack Obama at all those campaign rallies helping him look dynamic and telegenic and earnestly chanting hopey-hopey-changey-changey. And “Yes, we can!”

Which is a pretty open-ended commitment.
Are you sure you young folks will be able to pay off this massive Mount Spendmore of multi-trillion-dollar debts we’ve piled up on you?

“Yes, we can!”

Judd Gregg Always Too Smart and Too Principled for Obama Cabinet

Everything below is a quote from MSNBC FirstRead from Thursday 3-12-09:

From NBC’s Ken Strickland
It was obvious to most Capitol Hill insiders why President Obama wanted Republican Judd Gregg as a member of his cabinet: He's one of the sharpest money-minds in Congress.
But instead of getting Gregg's counsel within the administration, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner found himself today of(sic) the receiving end of Gregg's fiscal conservative wrath.
In a hearing before the Senate Budget Committee Gregg dressed down Geithner with facts, figures, and charts. While always keeping his cool, the exchange was somewhere between a mother's scolding, a drill sergeant's questioning and an attorney's cross examination.
In his opening statement, Gregg politely called the administration's budget forecast a lie.
"The argument that it cuts the debt in half in four years is, ahh, is truly spurious," he told Geithner.       
President Obama himself gives Gregg's comments a sense of stinging credibility. When the president introduced Gregg as his nominee for Commerce Secretary last month, he said Gregg is known for is fiscal discipline.