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Depression Era Medley - Boswell Sisters


Hayley Westenra Down to the River to Pray


Christina Hendeicks

A lovely and important photo of Ms. Hendricks that I saw over at the Other McCain got me started looking for more info about this great American.

SNL Does the SOTU


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Vocational Recovery as Part of Recovery from a Life of Crime


I discussed this issue with my friend, Adam W who is a member of A A. He had some advise that falls outside the president's area of expertise. He said that many new AA members have this problem. It's not uncommon for a newcomer to have a recent arrest and maybe even a long string of convictions and jail sentences. Many of them successfully deal with the problem by either working for guys they meet at meetings and come to trust or by starting small businesses themselves. House painting, gardening, pool service and construction day worker are some of the most common vocational choices. As they become established and achieve some financial security a move can be made into more traditional pathways. But it requires commitment and willingness to start at the very bottom and work hard.
Attendance at meetings opens up opportunities to make contacts or receive guidance from others who have been through the same thing. And if the ex-felon addict is not willing to spend a lot of time at meetings or some kind of rehab activity they might as well get ready for that next trip to jail. This is an area where government is not on your side. So you have to be on your own side and seek out sympathetic individuals who will be of help.
Adam also shared some info about the early history and organizational struggles of AA that might give some insight into the Tea Party movement. Maybe I will be able to write about that at some future date.

Karl Rove: It Was Not Bipartisanship, Obama Just Wanted to Depict Republicans as Obstructionist for the Election


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Robert Sims & ODETTA - Down By The Riverside

The Midnight Special / Odetta

Transparency by Fluke. What Was Snuck into DemCare?? Why Are We Only Being Told Now??


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While running for office he promised that you could keep your present plan and doctor. Now he wants us to believe that he had just said it was important. He lies so freely. And he seems to think no one is paying attention.
Why isn’t he thanking the Republicans for opposing the bill. With out the help of the Republicans the bill would have been passed unscrubbed. And I know Barry didn’t want that. Just a simple but heart felt apology in front of the CSPAN cameras should be enough.
We only found out about the scrubbing and why it is necessary by total accident. If he had not been there without his trusty teleprompter and at a loss for something to say to fill up the space we might never have found out. I am sure there are many, many members of congress that are surprised to finally find out what is actually happening in Congress. The Dem leadership has that town locked up so tight that most Dem congressmen and senators are just now finding out. And that only by accident. Basically it is transparency by fluke.
He does not have the attitudes or temperament required to participate in the democratic process. It is a little puzzling why he would even want to be the president of a democratic country. I wonder if he finds all of the tchotchkes and memorabilia of freedom and representative government spread around the White House unsettling. Of course, there have been no cameras inside the residence. Maybe the whole thing is done up in the style of socialist realism?

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The Comedy Stylings of Alan Grayson and Ed Schultz

See what hilarious hijinx ensue when you live under a two party system but think and talk like there can only be one party. They're so silly.

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Ella Fitzgerald & Jimmy Durante sing "Bill Bailey"


RedEye Robot Theater Feels David Shuster's Pain (and they seem to enjoy it)


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I'd Like To Give My Dog To Uncle Sam - Ozzie Waters


Very Oldies

Bert Lown's Orch. - Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone

Bessie Smith - After You've Gone (1927)

"People Coming Together for a Common Cause"


Country Music Stars Challenge Al-Qaeda With Patriotic New Song ‘Bomb New York’

The 30 Rock Pashtun Subplot

Did Pelosi Have to Spend $1000 a Week on Fancy Alcohol to Get Health Care Almost Done??

"It reads like a dream order for a wild frat party: Maker's Mark whiskey, Courvoisier cognac, Johnny Walker Red scotch, Grey Goose vodka, E&J brandy, Bailey's Irish Crème, Bacardi Light rum, Jim Beam whiskey, Beefeater gin, Dewars scotch, Bombay Sapphire gin, Jack Daniels whiskey … and Corona beer.
"But that single receipt makes up just part of the more than $101,000 taxpayers paid for "in-flight services" – including food and liquor, for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trips on Air Force jets over the last two years. That's almost $1,000 per week."
This is from a WND story about revelations from Judicial Watch. Why does Speaker Pelosi spend so much on entertaining at tax payer expense? We have a head of state and a State Department that already spend lavishly on that. This is not part of her job description. It is an abuse of her power and position.
But maybe, in the culture of Wahington, DC, that is how much booze is requited to get lawmakers to almost pass a health care bill that the tax payers (and booze buyers) hate. But why should I have to chip in to pay for Nancy's partisan game playing? The insurance companies like her health care bill so much that they spent a lot on Martha Coakley's election. Maybe the insurance companies should give Nancy some financial help in getting over on the electorate. I know that would be unethical and maybe illegal. But does Nancy have to worry about Holder's DOJ or the House Ethics Committee? I don't think so now that Chicago is spreading around the Potomac.

"I'll Talk with Anyone Who Agrees with Me" Might Not Be the Absolutely Best Start on Bipartinship

Something groundbreaking happenrd yesterday. The post-partisan, transparency via CSPAN president got together with the other party in front of the CSPAN cameras. As we are painfully learning there is not a 100% agreement between what President Obama says and what he means. “I am post-partisan and believe in transparency,” actually means, “I will listen to the other party and open up to the public only if absolutely nothing else short of declaring martial law will get me what I want.” When he says, “I will accept responsibility,” what he means is, “I will tell you which Republican to blame.” Fair enough, now that we know we just need to make a 175 degree correction of everything he says and we have a clear clue as to what he will do.
Job creation and deficit reduction were major topics in the president’s discussion with the opposition party. But I felt frustrated that the important item facing our nation was not addressed. Muslim militants continue to launch operations to kill large numbers of Americans. No one has yet told Barack Obama or Janet Napolitano about this ever looming threat. Out national security team is asleep. They will remain asleep if it is up to Obama and J-Nap. We need congress to put some pressure on the White House to get its national security act together. There is little or no chance of that pressure coming from any Democrats in Congress. So the Republicans need to get it together. Our confused president has been allowed to set the agenda so everything is off balance.
In spite of all his big talk about bipartisanship Obama has really never tried it. So he needs help. Maybe someone needs to explain to him that saying you’re open to input followed by ideological attacks on most any input does not always cause you opponent to agree with you immediately. But he is really new at this. Maybe he just needs patience and understanding. A LOT of patience and understanding.

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Nick Gillespie and MeMe Roth Debate How Much Control Government Should Have Over What I Eat


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Chocolate Drop w/ Vanilla Icing "Viper Mad" 6-06


Convenient Formula for Slime Bag Dems: Opposition to RINO = Eating Your Own

Olberman is just trawling for insults to use against conservatives. Didn't support that RINO? That means you're low enough to eat your own. Which leaves me wondering how a RINO ever became my own outside of KO's imagination.
Then KO perseverates about the Tea Party people turning on Sarah Palin. I read a lot of the right blogosphere and I have to wonder what he is basing that on besides wishful thinking. Many of us wish she were not stumping for McCain. But my sense is that the right understands that is her choice and we are not holding it against her. SP will not gratuitously turn on her ex-running mate. And the right has not turned on SP. The circumstances are not perfect. But everything in life is not clear cut black and white. Some situations are betwixt and between and you do the best that you can. Conservatives have not turned their backs on SP. But maybe lefties are wired to deal with things that way so that's where KO's mind automatically goes.

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Duggar Number 19


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10 at 10 Senator Scott Brown on Leno


Announcement: You Can Now Upgrade to Premium Content

Snaggletoothie will soon offer access to special topical and groundbreaking material. The charge will be a mere $79.95 a month (understandably Apple owners will be charged 36% more). This charge will barely cover overhead and processing costs, so don’t go there.
I have been talking to my executive editor about exactly what content will be available. It seems that it will be either editorials attacking the Democrats for being the party of ‘maybe’ or recordings of snaggletoothie discussing current affairs, life, love, what lingerie is most arousing, history, mythopoeic thought, rubbish removal, why epistemology and ontology cannot be completely separated and the joys and pains of beauty along with topics of real general interest with the neighbor’s Siamese (we will soon be offering signed photos of SnookerPuss, suitable for framing). These recordings are said to give a rare insight into the human soul and virtually revolutionize our concepts of the human condition but mileage may vary.
If everything goes as planned we may also add a few recordings of snaggles in his critically acclaimed imitation of a Castrato performing the greatest hits of Boz Skaggs and The Osmonds. These unusual recordings have become beloved favorites of many of members of the House of Lords; find out why.
Also in the works is a biweekly story in serial form that will have two threads. One thread will follow working class kids who, because budgetary restraints have denied them entrance to a decent four year college, become pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers, practical nurses and barely competent bloggers. The other thread will show what is being done with the money that could have gone to educating these unfortunates. This might involve the story of a congressman and his cute young aid on a fact finding trip to Aruba including the secrets of how tax payer money squandered at the roulette wheel is covered up. There might be the story of the two large home additions presently being added to the primary residence of a UAW worker whose company is tottering toward bankruptcy. There will be a sidebar detailing how long some of the cars this guy has built have been sitting in the back of some dealer’s lot. There will also be the story of the only three cars he has worked on in the past two years that have been sold at a profit. .There had been attempts to out right give some of these rusters to ACORN and SEIU executives but they just found it funny that anyone could even conceive that power players such as themselves would drive American cars.
A brief side note. Work is continuing on our direct to YouTube documentary. It is titled, ‘Become a Practical Nurse or Reach You Full Potential: The Choice Is Yours.’ Our initial research shows that many high school guidance counselors feel that this is a story that must be told since quality of life is at stake. Our main complication at this point is the difficulty of finding practical nurses who will be honest about their limited licensure on camera. In some communities LPN is the new gay.
Our marketing department had considered giving free access to the premium content to high school AP students. But we have found that many of them are not in great financial need. Talks are underway with some cell phone companies to set up plans whereby high school students will be able to charge the cost of our premium material to their cell phone bills: win/win/win.

Is Michael Moore Getting Corporate Welfare? Would Any Fair Person Not See a Conflict of Interest Here??


h/t: Daily Caller

High School Students React to SOTU

I am reproducing this post from the dailyKos complete (except that I have not brought along the 55 comments).

SOTU - a discussion with my students
by teacherken

Thu Jan 28, 2010 at 02:04:20 PM PST

Homework for last night was to watch SOTU, and if possible, the Republican response by McDonnell. Today was devoted to a discussion, asking what they thought, exploring the questions they raised.

I have 6 classes. My first three are a state required course in Local, State and National government. The students in this class are not identified as honors/gifted, although there are a few who clearly are. They range from 10th to 12 graders. The students are mainly African-American. My final three classes of the day are Advanced Placement (College-level) US Government and Politics. Almost all of these students are 10th graders, although there are 9 spread across the thre classes who are seniors in a special program who took LSN with me as sophomores. These classes are about 60% white, with a real mix among the rests, including some bi-racial kids, kids with two moms,etc. Most of the students consider themselves Democrats, but there was little difference from the Republicans, libertarians, and independents in the reactions they offered.

teacherken's diary :: ::
In general the students liked the speech. By and large they did not think McDonnell's response was effective. They criticize his (McDonnell's) delivery, thought he spoke to fast and without regard for his audience, thought the physical set-up was weak. One student in an AP class remarked that McDonnell lied, because he did not keep his remarks to 10 minutes as he promised. Another thought the humor about Sports Center set the wrong tone right up front.

Most of the discussion was, of course, about Obama, about the setting. Not all had seen the ceremonial entrances. There were questions about the two guys squeezed side-by-side announcing the President. There were questions about why the military and the judges did not stand and applaud - but those were usually answered by other students without my intervention.

About half the students had noticed Alito's reaction. There were comments about that. A few had seen the video being replayed. I was asked in several classes if Obama were in fact attacking the Supreme Court for the decision as they had heard some Republicans say since the speech. What I did is to repeat the relevant portion of the President's remarks, parsing it for them:

deference to separation of powers - recognizing SCOTUS has a different role

noting the decision overturned 100 years of law - original Corrupt Practices Act dates to 1911

raising questions about the possible impact

asking Congress to legislatively try to at least lesson that impact

I then asked which part represented an attack on the COurt or its decision. They decided there was none.

I then read them the relevant portion of Article II Section 3, with emphasis on what I am bolding:

He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient

The students decided that the President was well within his rights to ask for a legislative addressing of what he considered a problem within the context of SOTU.

Students were fascinated with what the President said about education, but they did not understand tax credits and how that worked, and most did not know about Pell Grants (which given that most of them would be ineligible for them is understandable).

When I asked how they thought the speech went over with the American people, most thought the people might approve, but some raised questions whether there were enough specifics to satisfy some people. That led to having to explain that while SOTU may have a laundry list of proposals, often they are not spelled out in the speech itself.

Some students questions whether the President was attempting to trade with Republicans by offering support for nuclear power and off-shore drilling in hopes of getting support for some of his initiatives in return.

There was a LOT of discussion about whether he was attacking Republicans, and/or attempting to blame Bush. Some students noted that Obama made the point of the bad conditions he inherited at least two times, at the beginning and then again later on.

Everyone noted the chastising of both parties. Most students understood clearly about the 60 votes and the relationship to the filibuster.

Some criticized Biden for his reactions, for example, how much he was vigorously nodding.

There were questions about DADT, with one young lady noting how little time Obama spent on it as compared to talking about jobs. Some questioned whether the lack of clapping by the military on that meant that they opposed it, others pointed out that Secretary Gates had vigorously applauded that and we had a discussion that the military is prepared to implement it as soon as it is passed by the Congress - here I probably should have mentioned the possibility of such an effort being filibustered. I don't know if there is a head count of how many Republicans might support repeal and how many Dems might opposed, but I can conceive of a problem getting to 60 for cloture. But there is only so much one can squeeze into a 45 minute period, particularly when as a teacher you are trying to get the students to talk and discuss.

If I compare student reactions to SOTU compared to things like the Inaugural address last year's students were required to watch, or the debates, or the convention acceptance, or even Obama's remarks in Grant Park, this speech had less impact upon them, but given the function of a SOTU that does not surprise me.

In general most of my young people are still favorably inclined towards Obama, and there was nothing about which they commented that gave any indication they inclination was in any way diminished by what they heard. Some raised questions of whether or not he will be able to offer concrete results, not just words. Given that I heard similar expressions last night on the Hill, including from several electeds, I think that was a more than fair question for them to raise.

Some students discussed the speech with their parents. Particular my AP students, there is a real hunger to understand Obama, how the government works, and a real hope that he will succeed in much of what he is attempting.

I suspect a similar feeling exists among the American people as a whole, at least as I looked at the data from the CBS snap poll, the results of which I shared with students towards the end of class. There were a few things from that poll that really stood out for me, especially how those who viewed the speech increased significantly in their approval of Obama having a clear plan for jobs (from 40 to 59%) and having a clear plan for dealing with the economy (from 55 to 76%). I did not want to share the polling data with the students before they had offered their opinions and insights. I suspect that most Americans still want this president to succeed, hope he will succeed, although they may have their doubts. My students reflected that in their comments.

So that is a brief overview of our discussions today. Nothing earthshattering to report. Perhaps largely as one might expect. What I think is note-worthy is that so many of my students are still hopefully, still willing to engage in the political process, still wanting to have national leadership in which they can trust. That gives me some hope for the future, and makes me feel better about continuing the task of being a teacher.

What about you?


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This Muslim Professor Is a Master at Clintonian Logic Chopping


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Mike Marshall & Chris Thile Fisher's Hornpipe


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W. A. Mozart's Birthday + 1

Pundette reminded me that yesterday was Mozart's birthday and I forgot to post anything. This is two movements from one of my favorite string quartets, in E flat k.428.

String Quartet in E flat k. 428 3rd movement

4th movement

More Breitbart v, Shuster


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Leftie Emotional Bullying, Tim Teebow and CBS

Whenever I read about this concocted controversy I wonder why the lefties will not relax and think the thing through.
I imagine that CBS is only allowing the ad because it is not antiabortion. It sounds like it will just be this family’s story. If this is the case, then when the ad runs the left’s cause will suffer loss of credibility because they went nutso without cause and will be seen more clearly as liars.
If their most dire predictions are, against all odds, right then CBS and Focus on the Family will look real bad but the left still has to live with the stain of the nutso push for prior restraint. It is my sense that most Americans are put off by the prior restraint thing; it just goes against our traditions. So the left is shoting themselves in the foot daily no matter what. But if some lefties just calmly say this might not be a good idea they insulate themselves from the prior restraint stigma and can still pounce if warranted.
Why all the carrying on? Are they convinced that their emotional bullying will always work? I don’t think that is a sure thing anymore. I suspect too many people are fed up with it but the left will have to be slapped down a number of times before they get the message.

I originally posted this as a comment at The Green Room at Hot

Breitbart and Shuster on James O'Keefe


In the early hours after this story first broke I expressed doubt about Andrew Breitbart. How foolish of me. Probably the smartest thing O'Keefe has ever done was to seek the help of AB.

CNN Focus Group on SOTU


Scott Brown's Daughter Ayla in Music Video

Pick It Up

h/t: Breitbart TV

I'm posting this as a passing curiosity. This kind of music seems too one dimensional to me. It all seems like puppy love gone wrong. De gustibus non disputatum est.

Luntz Focus Group on the SOTU

Breitbart TV has this edited version of the traditional Luntz focus group that lets a representative sampling of Americans speak their minds just after the speech. Luntz calls it as "muted positive" which strangely enough is what I take to be his personal reaction. The word 'chutzpah' came up a lot. Luntz, as lefties do, tells people whether or not their ethnic background entitles them to the use of a particular word. I know Luntz is joking but what is the joke based on other than the ethnic bullying of the left?

Great Americans Who Dance and Play the Kazoo


It's been a good couple of months for me musically. I discovered Hayley Westenra. And now the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Dancing With a Kazoo Old Time Blues More

Love's Old Sweet Song


But She Probably Still Doesn't Understand Why AIDS Has Been an Epidemic in the Gay Community


If you're gay you're allowed to contradict Joy. Isn't that special.
I still don't know if she knows what 'suffrage' means.

*********** UPDATE *********************************

Individuals with many severe personality disorders often have no fixed sexuality. They are not straight or gay. Often they have many of both kinds of relationships. The psychiatric literature refers to it as 'polymorphous perversity. The reason I bring this up is because for a while I was mystified by the nasty virulence of so many members of the gay marriage political clique. But when I remembered that most people with personality disorders have an inability to mesh with others socially, unstable interpersonal relations and little or no ability to control their anger that often veers into rage, I began to see a connection. Maybe most of these wildly angry political activists are not gay but individuals with personality disorders that have fallen into a mostly gay rut, convinced themselves that they are gay and have found an outlet for their unbridled rage.

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Markos: "A Clear Road Map of Where He Wants to Go This Year"


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Could Markos really believe this crap? Obama failed because Republicans failed to vote the line set by the Democrat caucus? That makes as much sense as America failed because the president and Markos did not follow the dictates of the Republicans. If any congressman voting against Markos' conscience is cause for alarm and endless lectures, then why even have a congress? Let the dK central committee run the country. I think post-Constitutional should be added to post-racial and post-partisan.

"I Come to the Garden Alone, While the Dew Is Still on the Roses" --Some of the Hymns of My Youth

Alan Jackson - In The Garden LIVE

Alan Jackson - Standing On The Promises

Alan Jackson - Are You Washed In The Blood / I´ll Fly Away

This is some of the music I grew up with in church. These songs sometimes play in the back of my brain while I go for a walk or do housework (Alan Watts used to call it 'roof brain chatter').
The white bread fundamentalist churches from which I spring have replaced these hymns with newer songs. I feel that the newer songs have less character and strength than the classics of my youth. When I hear the new stuff I find it difficult to listen because I tend to fall into a nostalgic funk.
It seems strange how these hymns have remained somewhere in my memory but I don't know how to locate them intentionally. And then, suddenly, a stray one will come blasting through at full volume even if it has been out of my consciousness for decades.

"The Conduct of Yourself [Tim Geithner] and Mr. Paulson Were(sic) Not Consistently On The Side Of The American Tax Payer"


There is quite a bit of history of tax payer bail outs of Goldman Sachs. Ann Coulter details it in her column this week. Of note was the revolving door between GS and the Clinton administration and tax payer money being often used to cover some of GS's larger mistakes. The market respected by
Goldman Sachs and politicians is the big one in Washington, DC that is made up of very special favors and 'legal' bribes.

Does Apple Hire People to Whistle and Hoot at Their Roll Outs???

Just asking. I think a buyer has a right to know.

Are You A Christian? Do You Like Being Hated and Lied About? San Francisco Is Your Kind of Town


h/t: Zombie

Janet Napolitano Still Has A Job?? And It's in National Security?? So I CAN Be A Runway Model Afterall


h/t: JammieWearingFool

This woman is probably the most palpable symbol of Obama's total failure. Her continuance in office is proof that the physical safety of American citizens is of no concern to Barack Obama.
And she should wipe that sickening, psychotropically induced smile off her face.

Senator Loses Custody of Children Because of Widespread Ethical Lapses in the Chamber

Pocomoke City, MD – In a unusual turn of events a sitting US senator was denied custody of his own children in a long running divorce battle today. Junior Maryland Senator Ronnie Joe Ghibelline is to be allowed contact with his children only under the supervision and in the presence of his former wife. Senator Ghibelline’s attorney stated that, “It is ridiculous that someone as responsible as a sitting US senator should receive treatment similar to what would be appropriate for a criminal.”
Lydia Ghibelline’s attorney, Floyd Matusaki praised the judge’s independence and courage in doing what is best for the children. Early on in the battle Ms. Ghibelline had been quoted as saying, “A parent is especially responsible for the moral guidance and development of her children. There is no way that a member of the present congress can be expected to provide anything but a bad example to his children. For the sake of their futures I have to exercise some oversight over my children’s interactions with their father. I became especially concerned as more and more members of Congress not only sell their votes but publically brag about how much they receive for their moral failure. Also my husband has been known to spend time in the company of George Clooney. Now Mr. Clooney has been very successful for an Irishman but some of his values are not what I want for my kids. The fact that he is so prone to follow fads rather than having an inner set of core values makes him just the kind of person I would never want my children to emulate.”
The unusual and often entertaining nature of the trial has left many locals curious as to why it has received absolutely no coverage from network news programs and large daily newspapers. Locals have grown tired of the frequent observation by members of the Worcester County Republican committee that the story would get plenty of coverage if the senator was a Republican.
On the first day of the trial the judge, Marvin Krepkie, cautioned the father, Senator Ghibelline to only speak when spoken to. The senator replied, “Why don’t you go piss up a rope?” This had lead to the senator being sentenced to 24 hours in jail for contempt of court. Senator Ghibelline spent only two hours in jail before Harry Reid scheduled an evening vote on a hastily written bill to ensure that at least 18% of all Post-it notes used in federal offices must come from minority owned businesses. US Constitutional provisions required the release from jail of the senator so that he could vote on the legislation. The next day the judge expressed mild outrage that his authority had been flouted with what he called “procedural trickery.” Judge Krepkie ordered that the senator spend the following Sunday in jail.
Senator Diane Feinstein of the Senate Ethics Committee was a frequent target of Lydia Ghibelline’s legal team. It was noted more than once that Senator Feinstein had grown from mere millionaire to multimillionaire with major infusions of federal money by means of a subcommittee that she was chairman of giving enormous no bid contracts to one of Feinstein’s husband’s companies. Floyd Matusaki had said, “This bald and immoral transfer of cash from the taxpayers into Diane Feinstein’s pocket that was personally carried out by the Senator herself was a slap in the face of American citizens. And the senate’s contempt for basic ethics, fair play and the voters was seriously exacerbated by this blatantly unethical woman being put on the body’s so called ethics committee. This was the Senate spitting in the face of real ethics. By allowing the original crime and then putting the criminal on the committee that was supposedly designed to identify and punish such behavior, the Senate has made a defining statement about their stand on ethics. They will do whatever they can to ignore or escape ethics. Mrs. Ghibelline is against such behavior in those who lead us. She can do little to change this beyond voting responsibly and being as politically active as she can. But my client has a vital interest in protecting her children from anything that might influence her children into becoming this selfish and predatory. She feels that motherhood gives her a sacred duty to do everything she can to give her charges proper ethical guidance and understanding. She has been unable to convince her ex-husband to take a public stand against the forces slowly destroying Washington, DC. He has refused to do so, Mrs. Ghibelline has accepted that but still wants her husband to teach his own children why this behavior is wrong. Since he will not comply with this simple request that my client feels is a fair compromise, she feels she cannot allow Senator Ronnie Joe Ghibelline unmonitored access to these impressionable children. That is all we ask, your Honor. We ask you to help us in spreading the respect for law and order that institutions such as this court depend upon.“

Is 'Suffrage' Anything Like Rape Rape???????????


Millions of American women take these ladies serious. At least they spend most of their time on fashion, gossip and diets.

Kazoo Classic: Memphis Shakedown - The Carolina Chocolate Drops


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Liz, Jack and Tracy on Family --- A Little About My Dad

My Dad called today and we had a long talk. He lives about 100 miles east of the great blogging center of Shreveport. It was a pleasant talk. We discussed suicide (merely as a human curiosity), electronic gadgets, what a pain it can be to watch Keith Olbermann and the Carolina Chocolate Drops. We both just recently discovered the CCDs and are enjoying their music a lot. There's a photo of Dad in his army uniform to the left.

Obama's Foreign Policy Pretty Much Consists of Not Being Bush- America's Only Defense Is Congress Coming to Its Senses

This paragraph from Commentary says it all.

"How could this be, you ask? Well, it’s simple. Obama made the call. This is his vision of how we should respond to terrorism. He is the author of the “not Bush” anti-terror approach. He has empowered Eric Holder to wage war on the intelligence community and to put Justice Department lawyers, rather than intelligence officials, in the driver seat. If this seems to have been foolhardy and fraught with peril, it will take bipartisan action to reverse it. Oversight hearings, use of the power of the purse, and ultimately legislation to determine the jurisdiction of the federal course are all within the purview of Congress. As Democratic lawmakers have learned on domestic policy, following Obama’s lead is politically unwise. Perhaps it is time they showed some independence and exercised their own constitutional responsibilities to think through our approach and set a sensible policy for handling terrorists whom we capture. The White House sure isn’t doing so."

Earl Scruggs & Steve Martin - Foggy Mountain Breakdown


Lester Flatt Honored by the House this Morning-- See, They're Not Totally Useless and Lost

Quoted directly from dKos:

"H.Res. 583 - Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that Lester Flatt has made an invaluable contribution to American art as both a songwriter and a performer, leaving an indelible legacy in bluegrass music (Rep. Davis (TN) - Education and Labor)"

When Did Stephanopoulos Stop Being an Advocate??? That'll Happen About the Time CSPAN Gets Into Pelosi's Meetings


Sorry George, America doesn't believe you. But that's OK, we've moved on to Fox, talk radio and the internet. In the mean time you and your friends just talk among yourselves.
MSM doesn't describe them any more. I'm thinking that something along the lines of the Old Dying Lying Conduits of Propaganda. I know that's awkward and still needs a lot of working on. But it's a start. Dinosaur Media is a good transitional name.
OMG that Brown win has left me just full of beans.

Monday, January 25, 2010



ONE that is ever kind said yesterday:
'Your well-beloved's hair has threads of grey,
And little shadows come about her eyes;
Time can but make it easier to be wise
Though now it seems impossible, and so
All that you need is patience.'

Heart cries, 'No,
I have not a crumb of comfort, not a grain.
Time can but make her beauty over again:
Because of that great nobleness of hers
The fire that stirs about her, when she stirs,
Burns but more clearly. O she had not these ways
When all the wild Summer was in her gaze.'

Heart! O heart! if she'd but turn her head,
You'd know the folly of being comforted.

W. B. Yeats

Hollywood Glamour - 1920's fashion Film


The Beeb on the Election of Scott Brown

To find out what is going on they ask Howard Dean. Dean's analysis: Obama lost because he is not liberal enough. The newsreader/commentator seems inclined to feel that this loss will be seen as just a blip in a successful presidency. Dean remains impressed by Obama's intelligence. The Beeb once was worth seeking out and watching. But what's the point if they are just going to parrot our old, dying media?

h/t: Breitbart TV

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Some of My Best Friends Have Been 6th Graders"

"There is many a Chinese or Indian 6th grader that, while a senator and as president, I provided with gainful employment. Which is why I am bothered by certain people who accuse me of never creating jobs. I have created millions of jobs. I know some of you understand. Please go home and explain it to your confused and angry parents."

photo from JammieWearingFool by way of Hot

If This Insanity Continues, God Help Us, Charlie Rangel Might Even Have to Pay His Taxes

See below: Hegel would get a kick out of this. Alinsky would be confused.

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h/t: NewsBusters

Read between the lines. The tea party movement has a massive effect on the actions of the members of congress. But only viewers of Fox News know anything about the tea party movement. So there is something large and influential going on in the country but it is not covered by the alphabets, etc. So Todd is telling us that if you want to know what is going on in the country you have to watch Fox. Also implied: the dinosaur media are not true news organizations but merely conduits of very select propaganda. Can I get a group giggle from the panel. please?

************* UPDATE **************************************

Though I'd love to be able to take credit for the insightful reading of the subtext of Chuck Todd's remarks, I cannot. I saw this clip on NewsBusters and this discerning reading was reflected in more than one of the comments on the thread. The right blogosphere rules: all of this insight obtained without benefit of a 'real' news organization.

"Cornbread and Butterbeans" Carolina Chocolate Drops

I have considered making this the site's official jug band. Unfortunately there is no money in the budget for extravagances or frivolities.

Cindarella Jones -- Old Movie Trailer


Saturday, January 23, 2010

From the Attic


Where did I fail? Whre did I give up goals
for which I gathered my torn people together?
When the judgment of time descends on me,
call on my prime witness, Black Earth, supreme
excellent mother of the Olympian gods,
whose expanse was once pocked with mortgage stones,
which I dug out to free a soil in bondage.

Into our home, Athens, founded by the gods,
I brought back many sold unlawfully as slaves,
and throngs of debtors harried into exile,
drifting about so long in foreign lands
they could no longer use our Attic tongue,
here at home men who wore the shameful brand
of slavery and suffered the hideous moods
of brutal masters -- all these I freed. Fusing
justice and power into an iron weapon,
I forced through every measure I had pledged.
I wrote the laws for good and bad alike,
and gave an upright posture to our courts.
Had someone else controled the whip of power,
a bungler, a man of greed, he would not
have held the people in. Had I agreed
to do what satisfied opponents, or else
what their enemies planned to turn for them,
our dear city would be widowed of her men.
But I put myself on guard at every side,
spinning like a wolf among a pack of dogs.

6th century B.C.

Stewart Goes on Poopie Head Patrol

Obama now denies much meaning to Scott Brown's victory. But here's the left reining in one of their own. How often does that happen? So, in the end, the only member of the mainstream media that is going to have any credibility will be the guy from Comedy Central? While the rest of them spin themselves further and further from reality the only one with any remaining dignity will be the clown: how poetic.

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Some commenters over at Hot Air noted that Olberman only apologizes to Stewart because he's so insecure he's racked by fear that the cool kids will desert him.

********************* UPDATE *********************

Also of interest is Steve Malzberg's critique of the flimsy factual basis of Olbermann's tirade. The audio of Malzberg's rather belittling remarks from his radio show can be found at NewsBusters.

Hayley Westenra - Both Sides Now - Rule Britannia - God Save the Queen - God Defend New Zeeland


Rule Britannia

God Save The Queen & God Defend New Zealand

Friday, January 22, 2010

Matthews v. Grayson on Reconciliation; Chrissy Sure Looks Smarter in the Right Setting

"Do you think they're all crazy over there but you're smart? . . . This is newroots talk. This is outsider talk. You're pandering."

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h/t: Hot
I have gotten so used to seeing Matthews playing the fool that I nearly forget that he really is intelligent and knowledgeable beneath the wacky exterior. Debating with an idgit will generally make one look more intelligent. If he could limit his guests mostly to egomanical Democrat backbenchers and far left loons, Matthews might be able to polish his reputation.

Abigail Washburn and The Sparrow Quartet performing Captain


Harwood Thinks DemCare Should Be Passed Just Because No One Inside or Out of Congress Knows What' s In It

An interesting new form of argument from ignorance.

Back in '92 I saw the world differently. I truly hoped that Bill and Hillary would pass nationalized health care. But even then I had more sense than to buy a pig in a poke. As soon as it was made clear that Hillary would not take any input from outside her hand picked team, I turned adamantly against the legislation. That bill could have been the most perfect thing that humans could craft, I would have fought it tooth and nail anyway. Once these elitist machinations are allowed to operate the end is near. That probably began my move toward much greater change in attitude after 9-11. Hillary and Barack both think they should run my life. And they think I will give up to their over schooled pomposity graciously. WRONG

Two Time Loser -- Performed by the Carolina Chocolate Drops and Sankofa Strings


John Donne: GO and catch a falling star

196. Song

GO and catch a falling star,
Get with child a mandrake root,
Tell me where all past years are,
Or who cleft the Devil's foot;
Teach me to hear mermaids singing,
Or to keep off envy's stinging,
And find
What wind
Serves to advance an honest mind.

If thou be'st born to strange sights,
Things invisible to see,
Ride ten thousand days and nights
Till Age snow white hairs on thee;
Thou, when thou return'st, wilt tell me
All strange wonders that befell thee,
And swear
No where
Lives a woman true and fair.

If thou find'st one, let me know;
Such a pilgrimage were sweet.
Yet do not; I would not go,
Though at next door we might meet.
Though she were true when you met her,
And last till you write your letter,
Yet she 25
Will be
False, ere I come, to two or three.

John Donne. 1573–1631

Love Me or Leave Me -- Billie Holiday


Obama's the Name and National Security Is NOT My Game

The Obama administration's complete and total incompetence in the area of national security is only beginning to come into focus. This has not been covered by the old media. This latest tale of stupidity is astonishing. I became aware of this from a great post at And So It Goes in Shreveport. I was pointed to the post at ASIGS and the one I quote from below from WOLF HOWLING by Pundit and Pundette.
The three paragraphs below are all taken complete and directly from WOLF HOWLING.

"Our Moralizer In Chief has utterly neutered our ability to gain timely and actionable intelligence from a group of people that would happily ignite atomic weapons in every city in our country, and the administration is galled because they are getting critized by Republicans? The Obama administration has their priorities completely skewed.
"To restate the revelations from the NewsWeek article, this is the position in which Obama has placed our national security: For the past year and until some unknown point in the future, as to al Qaeda leaders captured overseas, we do not have a group in place that can interrogate them. For al Qaeda leaders captured in the U.S., it is Obama's policy that they would go into the criminal justice system. For a person associated with al Qaeda who very likely has actionable intelligence, it is Obama's policy that they get a lawyer and a pass into our criminal justice system. This is so wholly screwed. It is apparent that, other than Obama's grandstanding and his many rhetorical efforts to establish himself as our Moralizer in Chief on this critical issue of national security, he has ignored the substance of it."
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"Just unbelievable. If heads don't roll for this level of ineptitude, we can rest assured that heads will roll in the future - the heads of those people who have placed their trust in the Obama to protect our nation. Soaring rhetoric will stop neither bullets or blast waves. Nor will Obama's moralizing be sufficient to keep a crippled jet in the sky. It seems inevitable that American blood will be spilled as a direct result of an Obama national security apparatus not merely in disaray, but Three Stooges-esque in its degree of incompetence."

Video of European Parliment: "Algore snake oil salesman, crook."


h/t: Breitbart Tv

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bible As Literature

Friedrich Nietzsche said, “It was subtle of God to learn Greek when he wished to become an author – and not to learn it better.” But the English speaking world has been blessed with the King James translation of the Bible whose language is a joy to read regardless of one’s faith or lack thereof. Emmet Fox said, “One good thing I can say for the Victorians is that they did appreciate the literary beauty of the Bible. I suppose that is the principle reason why they wrote so well. They often talked nonsense but they wrote remarkably well.
“In Victorian days, both in America and England, many of those writers who often did not believe in religion at all, still kept the Bible on their tables and read it every day for the beauty, the drama, and the color of its literature.”

More Blue on Blue Bickering: Soviet Anti-Nazi Propaganda


Great Dancing: Carolina Chocolate Drops - 'Salty Dog'


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blue on Blue-- Matthews v Dean: Calling Each Other Silly and Crazy


h/t: NewsBusters

Priscilla Lane - "It Had To Be You"

from 1939

Sarah Palin: "This Is What Democracy Looks Like, Democrats."


h/t: Texas for Sarah Palin

The Rhetorical Victory of ObamaCare or Why Owning the MSM Can Pay Off

A great quote from the Roger's Rules column at Pagamas Media.

"The Democrats scored a rhetorical triumph by getting everyone, opponents as well as supporters, to refer to this proposed government takeover of medicine as “health care reform.” “Reform”? What is being proposed is “health care reform” in approximately the sense that Stalin’s collectivization of agriculture in the late 1920s was “agricultural reform.” That effort to bring hope and change to the Kulaks succeeded in what President Obama described as his goal of “spreading the wealth around,” though not, perhaps, in precisely a way that the local (de)population appreciated."

Double Indignation


h/t: the DC Trawler

I know that Olbermann is a supporter of violence against small defenseless animals. How do I know? From the fact that he has never publicly stated that it is not true.