Monday, March 29, 2010

Amy Winehouse - Someone to Watch Over Me

Ms. Winehouse has been a very lost soul. This recording makes me think she is starting to seriously search in healthy directions. This girl breaks my heart. She is so low rent with the cheap, ugly tatts and the FU behavior. But she has a good voice and the spirit to do lovely things with it. I had pretty much written her off since she had fallen into a long lasting self-destructive pattern. But I did learn from years of working with addicts that it is foolish to ever write any human off until they are dead. And, with addicts, the happy surprises usually come from the people you are least expecting them from.
The performance of a classic song in a traditional arrangement gives me hope for this girl. Seeing her talent with bad material always made me wish she would someday do some good material. And I'm also given more hope for her because there is a chance she is listening to some good advise instead of only her inner demons.

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