Saturday, September 25, 2010

Comment Of the Day

I went to the Nashville Tea Party Convention and the one thing that stuck with me, almost more than anything else from all the speeches, was an anecdotal story told by Judson Philips.

I am paraphrasing but he recounted how a few years ago he had met a young man running for the House of Representatives. Judson liked what this man said and what he stood for, cleaning up corruption, conservative values blah, blah, blah, and Judson backed and campaigned for this bright young man.

His candidate won. Judson called him two weeks after he left for Washington and the new Representative told him something like, you just don’t understand, I’m a “rock star” here.

His warning to us, his question, how long does it take DC to corrupt our bright young politicians?…

It can take as little as two weeks.

We are awakened but now we must also be vigilant.

Oh yeah, I was a moderate, swing voter and have seen the light. Layers upon layers of bureaucracy, needless, confining and restrictive laws and trillions of wasted tax dollars.

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