Thursday, September 9, 2010

If this is success, what is failure?

By: Noemie Emery
Examiner Columnist
"Seen from the inside, the administration is an astonishing success," says E.J. Dionne of the beleaguered regime of his president. "Inside of what?" one is tempted to ask, but by some lights, it's true.
"President Obama has pushed through a whole lot of bills, and people hate all of them, a historic result accomplished by no other president. Of course, no other has tried.
""It's a losing-by-winning dynamic," says Michael Goodwin, as most presidents suffer when their agenda is stifled. He is the first to be in really deep trouble because his agenda has passed.
"Inside the bubble (the bunker? the madhouse?), the celebration, and the confusion, go on."

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