Friday, November 19, 2010

Runner Up Comment of the Day

Interesting analysis, Ed. Too bad it’s wrong.
The soon-to-be ex-Congresscrooks didn’t lose because of Osama Obama. They lost because they bought into his act, hook, line and sinker. They supported him all the way, cheered for his every move, approved his nominees — including the Criminal General, Eric Shabazz Holder — and passed his destructive legislation.
Heck, if anything, they didn’t think he went far enough. They would have lined up like good little soldiers for even worse legislation. They would have passed Bomber Bill Ayers onto the Supreme Court, if only the Traitor-in-Chief had given them the chance.
Like good little lefties, they now blame the Mohammedan Mouthpiece for their own failed policies. In the meantime, they’re getting ready to push through amnesty and other unconstitutional laws before they are finally put out to pasture with their fat pensions and access to cushy government (or lobbying) jobs.
If they all had been reelected, they’d still be kissing Osama Obama’s boots, and begging him to turn the nation into even more of a totalitarian third-world state.
MrScribbler on November 19, 2010 at 10:45 AM

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