Friday, June 18, 2010

Nurses and Meg Or Watch Out Meg, Alinsky Is Sneaking Up to Stab You in the Back

I became a licensed vocational nurse in 1978 and worked in hospitals in California from then until 2004. From my own experience I know that very few of the nurses who do direct patient care are members of the California Nurses Association. It is a political organization mainly of nurses in management. Membership is very often just a resume padder. If one wants to do direct patient care and has a history of having done direct care it is not necessary to pad the resume with such things. And in my experience with many nurses at many hospitals over the years I know that most of them are apolitical. But my main point is that such associations are often quoted as if they speak for nurses. They only speak for a few nurses (few in relation to the total number working in the field). I suspect that this bunch speaks mostly for the nurses employed by the state of California but not for California nurses over all.

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