Monday, June 14, 2010

Pelosi's New Office: It's One Third Larger but Inexplicably Costs Four Times As Much as the Old Office

From Ed Morrissey at Hot
"Actually, all she got was a one-third increase in floor space.  Pelosi accepted a 300% increase in rent for 33% more space.  That certainly fits with a Democratic Congress that has increased annual federal spending by 33% in three years while providing worse service and running up massive amounts of debt.
"Her office also claims that the new building will save on energy costs.  In other words, because of the building’s “green” profile, it will use about half the amount of energy as the old building.  So taxpayers will pay four times as  much in rent in order to save half off the electrical bill.  That also sounds like the kind of economics that Democrats have used since assuming power in 2007."

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