Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sheriff in AZ States that Obama Has Ceded an 80 Mile Strip of the Border to Armed Drug Gangs

I do not think this has been covered in the MSM. Certainly no member of the press has publicly questioned Obama or Napolitano about it. If the situation is as reported by this sheriff, it sounds like gross dereliction of duty. And it is such a bizarro world scene: it seems to be cool with Obama for foreigners here only to break the law to carry weapons but he is very uncomfortable with a law abiding American citizen having a weapon. I can't quite get my mind around the moral nuances involved in this little nightmare. I wonder if this is all a part of creating that future whose looks he cannot picture. I live in Southern California and I am beginning to wonder if Obama will give us ample warning before he gives us back to Mexico. Strangely the FEC did not look into the sources of the nearly billion dollars in campaign funds Obama received. I have to wonder how much of it was a down payment on our South West from Mexico.

h/t: Carol's Closet via Pundit and Pundette

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