Thursday, July 15, 2010

Carville: Democrats better start praying

It is always interesting to see George Stephanopoulos at work. He can take a poll that is very bad news for Democrats and by the time he is through talking about it you might almost think that the focus and import of the poll was the impending death of the Republican party. He can deftly distort everything and distill much of it down to any little bit of bad news there might be for the Republicans.
But there certainly is bad new here for Republicans. I find it difficult to believe but there are more people who trust the Democrats more in general and specifically to handle the economy. After everything that has happened over the past eighteen months I have to wonder how accurate those results are. But, even if the poll is way off on this question, you would end up with the public being about equally divided in their trust between the two parties. Even that causes me to wonder since I find it difficult to imagine that half of the American public has not noticed that Barack Obama is pretty damn incompetent.

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