Tuesday, July 20, 2010

JournoList -- Is It A Vast Left Wing Conspiracy??? Did They Really Plant Accusations of Racism Just To Give Obama Cover??

Andrew Breitbart claims that JL is a conscious and planned conspiracy by leftist journalists to deliver biased news or no news at all of some events to the American public. Jonathan Strong in the Daily Caller has published some quotes from JournoList that give credibility to Breitbart's claims. When George Stephanopoulos hotly pursued the story about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright while questioning Barack Obama members of JL apparently became very angry and got together to circle the wagons rather than do journalism. They explicitly spoke of using the tactic of changing the subject by accusing leading Republicans of racism. I will close with four paragraphs from the Daily Caller story:

"Watching this all at home were members of Journolist, a listserv comprised of several hundred liberal journalists, as well as like-minded professors and activists. The tough questioning from the ABC anchors left many of them outraged. “George [Stephanopoulos],” fumed Richard Kim of the Nation, is “being a disgusting little rat snake.”
"Others went further. According to records obtained by The Daily Caller, at several points during the 2008 presidential campaign a group of liberal journalists took radical steps to protect their favored candidate. Employees of news organizations including Time, Politico, the Huffington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Guardian, Salon and the New Republic participated in outpourings of anger over how Obama had been treated in the media, and in some cases plotted to fix the damage.
In one instance, Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent urged his colleagues to deflect attention from Obama’s relationship with Wright by changing the subject. Pick one of Obama’s conservative critics, Ackerman wrote, “Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares — and call them racists.”
"Michael Tomasky, a writer for the Guardian, also tried to rally his fellow members of Journolist: “Listen folks–in my opinion, we all have to do what we can to kill ABC and this idiocy in whatever venues we have. This isn’t about defending Obama. This is about how the [mainstream media] kills any chance of discourse that actually serves the people.”
"“Richard Kim got this right above: ‘a horrible glimpse of general election press strategy.’ He’s dead on,” Tomasky continued. “We need to throw chairs now, try as hard as we can to get the call next time. Otherwise the questions in October will be exactly like this. This is just a disease.”"

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