Thursday, August 12, 2010

Comment Of the Day

Thu, 08/12/2010 - 16:50 ET by sawing batta
Earth to Chuck.

i run a small business and have spent the last 24 mos. (yes, we planned ahead, hedged our bets against an obama victory) to outsource non key functions (didnt want the healthcare and unemployment exposure), automated (fewer employees for reasons above), minimized pay increases (so we could afford future tax increases), pulled out of a few states (too difficult to do business with), terminated a commercial lease (still un rented, btw).

my household income has suffered, our home value is way down (but our property tax is UP!) - and is getting materially worse on Jan 1 (remember, we plan ahead and are spending accordingly today). my workload is increasing (read up on healthcare 1099 filings...that alone is a killer), regulations and costs are going up. War on the "rich" is war on my customers and bc i own the business, on me. This president is not giving me a single reason to want to invest in my own business. He continues to give me every incentive to clam up, fire everyone, and run it all myself out of my basement.

this guy is TRAGIC for business. what planet are you on?

from NewsBusters