Monday, October 18, 2010

Alice in SundayMorningLand

"Amanpour is a ratings and journalistic disaster. It is hard to understand why she was picked for a serious Sunday talk-show-host position and even harder to understand what she is still doing there. The White House is taking an opportunity to clean house. Shouldn’t ABC News do the same?"
Jennifer Rubin
Quality nears the zero point and there is an avalanche of viewer losses. Yet week after week we still have Amanpour spouting White House and DNC talking points never noticing recalcitrant reality slapping her repeatedly in the face.
Same morning, same beltway over at NBC David Gregory is trying to resurrect the worn out and never proven slander that the Tea Parties are racist. A Colorado Democrat supplies an account of his personal experience that invalidates Gregory's slander.
It all makes for a surreal picture. Political discussion shows where the hosts were once expected to be unbiased facilitators of discussion have shape shifted over the past couple of decades. It is funny to watch the liberal hacks who claim to have suddenly grown concerned about the sad fate of the Republican Party. The more popular support the Republicans gain among the public the more the hacks bemoan how extreme and crazy they have become. If the Republicans get just a little more popular they will probably call in the coroner. These shows have grown into monstrosities that are mere burlesques of their former selves. Which explains why so much of the audience has moved on.

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