Sunday, October 24, 2010

THOUGHT CRIMEs: Think What We Think...Or Else


Another nightmare of ‘liberal’ intolerance and anti-intellectualism forced on students through emotional coercion and abuse of authority. This is eerily like what was recently done to Juan Williams. He was fired for a thought crime. He had a feeling that his lefty employers dislike and he did not fearfully hide it from the light of day. So he was fired. Over the phone, yet. While his former employer made a snarky remark to the press about his mental health.
But those who spend time in the MSM see this kind of intolerance and anti-intellectualism all the time. The regular inhabitants of the MSM seldom engage in reasoned arguments and almost never provide empirical proof of what they have to say. They traffic in name calling and the assignment of blame and shame. All of their opponents are some blend of racist, insane and extreme. The reader or viewer will seldom know why the enemy is felt to be such a nasty, no good person. The viewer only knows that the target has been sent to stand in the naughty corner by the loud person who thinks he is an authority figure.

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