Sunday, October 24, 2010

kos Confused about Juan Williams/NPR

Maybe the daily kos is trying to reverse the trend of hysterical desperation that the frenzied left has been discharging nonstop into the public discourse. Maybe in an attempt to scare off fewer voters they are attempting a less strident tone. Because they went easy on Sarah Palin today. They damned her with faint abuse when they modulated their slander to the mild epithet, “the inconsequential dropout former governor of Alaska.” Without knowing their history on this you wouldn’t know if, instead of hating her, they don’t just feel that she is beneath their notice.
Juan Williams was dealt with in the same tone of mild disgust. In a statement that mangles the facts they send Juan off stage with the other nonentities: “Juan Williams was fired for making bigoted comments, but the real statement about the state of our traditional media is that such a mediocrity had a job as a pundit to begin with.”
Off the front page one of kos’s diarists does an analysis of the NPR FU. This confused leftie wants to make the discussion about how wrong William’s friends are to classify this as a First Amendment issue. Very revealing. I have not come across one serious commenter on the flap that sees it has having anything to do with the First Amendment. The inescapable conclusion is that kos must feel that NPR’s position is so indefensible that they have to act like it doesn’t even exist. Kos feels the need to create a fantasy issue and a fantasy battlefield so that they can declare victory and depart the field.

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