Monday, December 27, 2010

PBS Broadcasting Propaganda for Castro

The story in the WSJ pointing out how much of a tool of the Castro regime Ray Suarez and PBS are is only available to subscribers. But here are a couple of quotes from a NewsBusters story that covers this disgusting development.

"The series was taped in Cuba with government “cooperation” so there is no surprise that it went heavy on the party line. Still, there was something disturbing about how Mr. Suarez allowed himself to be used by the police state, dutifully reciting its dubious claims as if he were reporting great advances in medical science."
"O'Grady insists "dissent is spreading in Cuba like dengue fever because daily life is so onerous." Botin has authored a book called Los Funerales de Castro that pulls back the curtain on the "Potemkin village" foreigners see on official visits. In private, there are "no limits to the derision of the brothers Castro." But:
Mr. Suarez's report, by contrast is like a state propaganda film. In one segment, an American woman named Gail Reed who lives in Cuba tells him that the government's claim of its people's longevity is due to a first rate system of disease prevention. he then parrots the official line that Cuba's wealth of doctors is the key ingredient...An abundance of doctors? Not in the Cuba Mr. Botin lived in. In 2006, the government claimed there were 65,000 doctors. That number, he says, was "a figure many professionals considered inflated." When Cubans complained they couldn't get care, he notes that the state upped the number "magically" to 71,000 five months later. Given Fidel's habit of making things up, it's hard to know how many competent doctors the government has trained. But there is no disputing the fact that thousands of medics have been sent overseas in large numbers to earn hard currency for the regime. There is also no question that Cubans are paying the price at home."
""Reporters who want access to Cuba know that they have to toe the Castro line. I get that. Mr. Suarez must figure that this American audience does not."

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