Saturday, December 18, 2010

Comment of the Day: Palin and the Illegals

President Palin will take this up and do it right.
DREAM=path to cistizenship=Amensty.
Palin is for legal status for illegals, some sort of work permit, which would of course lead directly to a huge amnesty.
I will not support Palin in any R primary for this reason.
Sarah Palin:
No, we can’t make it easy, but they’re here. And we can’t starve them to death. And if they can’t work, if they don’t have a green card to work, they’re going to be hosed. I mean, they got to pay rent, they got to buy groceries…
PALIN: Well…
O’REILLY: …this, that and the other thing. So this is where it gets very complicated, governor. You know, it gets very, very complicated…
O’REILLY: …because you are rewarding bad behavior. You’re letting them stay in the United States. And they came in illegally.
PALIN: Then let’s keep it — then we won’t complicate it anymore. Let’s keep it simple. And let’s say no, if you are here illegally, and if you don’t follow the steps that at some point through immigration reform we’re going to be able to provide, and that is to somehow allow to you work. If you’re not going to do that, then you will be deported. You will be gone.
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Sarah Palin will not deport illegals, or attrit them with e verify, she will grant them work permits.
No, to Sarah Palin for the R nomination. She’s no better than McCain.
rightwingyahooo on December 18, 2010 at 1:28 PM

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