Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rehash on Inexperience

These are a couple of things I posted in March that I feel deserve repeating.

Yet another not so fun fact about Barack Obama. No matter what he is calm. Nothing bothers him enough to become emotional. His campaign is attacked so much that he has to go on the tube and make a “major address.” He stays up late writing the whole thing himself and the next day he comes out totally even and relaxed. It’s a better than average speech for an American politician and he delivers it without any sign of anxiety or tension: as if it’s just a normal event on a normal day. HE IS TOO CALM. Nothing ever has any emotional effect on him. This is pathological, probably severely pathological. There is no there there. It looks like he might be totally empty at core. He is an incomplete person who is all outsides without insides. If you look at his history he has never been tested. He has never been in a situation that pushed him to his limit. What will it take for that to happen? And how will he react? Professional politicians tend to be highly sociopathic but Obama has the look and feel of a really slick sociopath. Take Tony Soprano but twice as intelligent and well educated and surround him with a bunch of smart yes men. Just watch out for Obama. Who knows what will finally set this guy off. Maybe they'll run out of white meat at Thanksgiving and he'll snap. And what will he do? It could be terrifying.

One last observation. He gives a major speech and won't take questions. And the MSM didn't even notice. The question isn't whether or not the media is in the tank for Obama. The question is just how far are they in the tank.

I watched many of the presidential debates. I found one of the early Democratic debates startling. Senator Obama said a couple of really stupid things that were overlooked by everyone there and by the MSM. Senator Obama said that Osama bin Laden was located between Afghanistan and Pakistan. And he said this twice. This was at a time when it was generally accepted that bin Laden was located in Waziristan, which is in Pakistan. A quick look at the map reveals that there is no geographical area that falls between Afghanistan and Pakistan. No one in the media noticed or cared about senator Obama looking like the least informed Harvard grad to ever to appear on national TV. They didn’t even give him a quiz about the heads of state of little known countries.
In the same debate senator Obama proposed that the US should, without consulting with the government of Pakistan, launch air strikes on Pakistani territory. While this has happened and will probably continue to happen, it is not the kind of thing members of a government speak about in public. Should senator Obama become the Democratic nominee the Pakistani government might be forced to deal with this issue in ways that might be dangerous to American troops and American interests. Either senator Obama is na├»ve which I doubt. Or he has little concern for the safety of our armed forces. Or maybe there is another explanation that I don’t see. But I don’t like what I do see. It looks like poor judgment and ambition to me.
One more disturbing incident; In a recent debate with senator Clinton senator Obama spoke about our troops in Afghanistan not having enough armored vehicles or enough ammunition to perform their duty properly or safely. Apparently he had been told this story by an officer over there. And he shared the story during the debate to illustrate the poor handling of the war. I was surprised that a US senator who can have some impact heard the story, did nothing to solve what he saw as a problem and apparently just forgot about the whole thing until his memory was jogged long after in a debate. Don’t we want a president who would do what is best for the troops instead of letting a problem fester until he thinks it’s of value to further his ambitions?
These three incidents cause me to feel that senator Obama lacks the preparedness, maturity and judgment to deal with foreign affairs or be commander in chief. This is compounded by the fact that he has never undergone sustained questioning from anyone critical of his candidacy or his policies. He will no doubt be presidential material some day, but not now.

I think all this is especially notable now in November as a reminder of the incompetence of the dinosaur media.

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