Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Random Thoughts After the Fall

It is over. The curtain has come down on politics 2008. For the past few months I’ve spent two or three hours a day wandering around the net to find information about the election. I now feel empty. I don’t want to continue to spend that much time on politics. So there is a void in my life. What should I do with the time? My first thought was to read a massive 19th century novel. War and Peace, maybe. But I’m now considering Dostoyevsky’s The Possessed after first doing a recent historical novel called Pilate’s Wife.

The L A Times says 82% voted in L. A. County. Wow, do I ever find that impossible to believe. I think you need two outside sources to confirm anything the Times says.

I was happy to see that Al Franken lost. I was thinking that he would just make the senate look like a bunch of moronic clowns. But today I realize that I’ve thought for years that they are a bunch of moronic clowns. Moronic, bribe taking, selfish, greedy, dishonest, sell out clowns. But most Americans think little about them. Maybe a Franken victory would be good if it got people to pay attention to the thieving, clownish crimes going on in Washington.

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