Monday, September 7, 2009

Andrea Mitchell and Much of MSM Freak Out In The Face Of More Than One Opinion

Andrea Mitchell attacks, "A partisan echo chamber making it much harder for any president to make himself heard." Is this poor fool serious? If she had done just a little basic reporting she would have known that the right blogosphere listens to every word spoken by her dear leader and then closely analyzes and discusses them. I suspect that her real discomfort comes from people sometimes disagreeing with Andrea and her master. Apparently Andrea gets freaked by people disagreeing with her. Andrea's leaders in the White House and the MSM tell her what to think and she just knows that anyone who doesn't fall in line can't be as smart as she is. Poor Andrea. I wonder if the difference of opinion seen in the proverbial Oxford Debating Society makes her nervous and doesn't cause her to scold anyone who doesn't agree with Rahm Emanuel.

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