Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Democrats Are Rrmaking the Credit Market While Avoiding Voter Awareness or Input

While everyone is focused on health care Barry O is sneaking through some major legislation way over there. At this point they have had all the input from voters they will ever want. Barry wants to remake the credit market by completely unlinking what he calls consumer protections from institutional soundness. The smarter-than-everyone-else Democrats are only doing this because they feel that Americans are too stupid to manage their own finances. But the oh so very smart and selfless Democrats in Congress are willing to give of themselves to lead us poor fools through the evil, complicated world. In return they only request high salaries with yearly increases, perks that would make the private sector blush and the right to add any old pork or other thing onto this Trojan horse. And don't make them send out more fat union thugs to threaten dissenters.

h/t: Hot

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