Thursday, September 10, 2009

“Bogus claims have been made by those who only want to make trouble.”

Pundit and Pundette ran a little piece yesterday exposing more of the emperor’s nakedness. They pointed out that there is no Obama health care bill. I can only add to that his willingness to use as proof of his statements and wild accusations any part of the existing bills he finds convenient and to ignore any part of them he finds inconvenient. His accusations are by definition wild because they are not based on any portion of the real world anyone but President Obama can access. Add to this his speech last night about his own private health care world and you have a Fantasyland that is only entered by the president but used by him as a weapon to beat up on his enemies. And on top of that we have an unquestioning press corps who have entered another bizarre reality in which they think their job is to support the president no matter what rather than truly getting to the bottom of what he says. They are not even very sure of what he is saying or proposing but they back it up one hundred per cent regardless.
Barack Obama spoke to both chambers of Congress last night and said that, “Bogus claims have been made by those who only want to make trouble.” Sounds like some pretty rotten people. I don’t think too highly of people who only want to make trouble. I wonder why the president did not name some of them and give us some examples of these bogus claims.
He did gave as an example of these trouble makers those who say that illegal aliens will be covered by his reform legislation. The little problem with that is that no legislation presently under consideration in congress includes any procedure for determining the immigration status of a recipient of health care. Even more embarrassing for the president’s claim is the fact that none of the legislation being considered proscribes any penalty for a provider who treats non-covered non-citizens. In other words, people who make such claims are not wrong. Yet, in spite of the truth of their claims, Mr. Obama gets all holier than thou and attacks their character without factual basis. Who is it who, “Only want(s) to make trouble?” If anyone fits that definition it would seem to be President Obama and his bogus claims.
Mr. Obama waxes indignant easily. And it would be easier to take him serious if I had ever been led to believe his sermonizing is based on some reality other than his desire to make his adversaries look bad. But the more factless screeds that come from the president the less likely it is that people will see him as anything other than a pathetic joke. A pathetic joke who clouds the air of civil discourse with lies and just makes progress more difficult for anyone who seriously undertakes legislative improvement.

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