Thursday, August 5, 2010

CNN, One Time News Organization, Celebrates Overturn of Prop 8 from A Gay Bar

CNN, the one time news organization did not report the news of the judicial overturn of Prop. 8 in California. They CELEBRATED the event from a gay bar in West Hollywood. Go here to see the video of this travesty. The first person they interviewed proposed that non-gays be disenfranchised. The ‘reporter’ treated this proposition as unlikely to come about but accepted it as just the kind of bullying intolerance that CNN treats as rational discourse.
The ‘reporter’ felt the need to try to explain away the recent passage of the proposition by the California electorate by implying that maybe that was all because of the evil Orange County (you know they have way whole bunches of, Saints preserve us, Republicans down in that black hole of politics and, apparently, shame). He did mention that the Prop passed 52% to 48% but made no attempt to explain how the evil Orange County could overcome the mathematical impossibility of that wide a margin coming from their vile efforts alone. Could it be that that he is such an Obama sellout that he just assumes that the viewer will think that all needed votes will be filled in by the still-registered-to-vote dead?

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