Sunday, August 1, 2010

Doc Zero Knows from Volt

Below, from Hot are two quotes from Doctor Zero's post today on the Volt.

"Obama is lying through his teeth when he refers to the GM bailout as an “investment”  Politicians love to throw that word around, because they think it makes them sound like savvy businessmen.  Investments are voluntaryacts, conducted with the expectation of return.  You were compelled to pay for the development of the Volt, and unless you’re one of the tiny percentage of the public who purchase one, you will receive nothing in return for these payments.  You paid to preserve the jobs of rich and powerful labor unions, and provide a handsome discount to the few buyers who find the emotional satisfaction of saluting Green dogma to be worth $33,500.  Virtually no onewould be willing to pay the true price of $81,000 for that satisfaction.
"Subsidies and mandates based on ideology hopelessly distort the value of products, confusing the marketplace in the same manner as consumer fraud and theft.  It’s as if car dealers were in the practice of routinely stealing automobiles from other states, and reselling them at steep discounts.  The ability of the consumer to assess value and make rational purchases, expressing their demands and allowing the distributed intelligence of the markets to allocate resources efficiently in response, is destroyed."
". . . The government didn’t subsidize this boondoggle.  The “government” doesn’t subsidize anything.  You do.

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