Friday, October 1, 2010

‘Power in the Blood of the Lamb’

Keith & Kristyn Getty

I really never listened to Gregorian chants or Palestrina or Gabrielli or other such composers of spiritual music until I was in my late teens. I grew up in simple, down home Baptist churches. And the music was hymns or songs such as 'Power in the Blood' or 'How Great Thou Art'(which you can hear over at the great site, Bread on the Waters). These great old songs are still with me since they will sometimes well up out of my unconscious mind and echo in my head. I will sing them to myself and enjoy them for a while. And it has been 40 plus years since I have sung any of these songs in a Baptist church. The Baptist churches all seem to have changed their hymnals and now sing a lot of songs that seem to me bloodless and new age-y. I had heard that as I grew older I would pine for the good old days. And here I am hard at it.

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