Friday, January 30, 2009

" A Corpulent Drug Addict" I Love The Bipartinship

Hat Tip/MsUnderestimated

Begala says it's OK to call Rush a drug addict since he is one; even though it's completely gratuitous. It is hate merely for the sake of hate in this context. But now that Obama has his surrogate bringing up the drug issue it brings up certain questions about Obama. He has admitted to using illegal and addictive drugs. How do we know he isn't still using marijuana and cocaine? He was never closely questioned or followed by the media. And he did not release his medical records. Is the reason he wouldn't release his medical records because they show that he is still using cocaine? I've never brought up this issue before. But Begala is full of anger and therefore prone to projection. So, he's probably not really even talking about Rush but about his boss.

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