Friday, January 23, 2009

More Transparency

Another transparency update while there is still enough light to see anything.

As you can see from the video our new president gets along very well with the press. There is never any problem as long as they don’t ask him a substantive question. His visit to the press room was obviously meant to show the royal ass and have it kissed. And way too many reporters were more than happy to pucker up.
There has been some dissent from the press. CBS reporter Bill Plante said in language most of the press corps doesn’t understand, “We have a tradition here of covering the president.” Was it just my imagination or did I hear some other reporters in the background yell, “Why don’t you just shut your whiney, sniveling, traitorous, unAmerican mouth and do what you’re told.” These days I’m not always sure which side of the looking glass I’m on.
I have this from a Politico report:
““It is ironic, the same day that the president is talking about transparency, we were not let in,” CNN’s Ed Henry said on the air Wednesday night after news of the second swearing-in broke.
“Henry’s main gripe was that television reporters weren’t permitted to cover a historic moment, when Obama once again raised his right hand and took the oath before Justice John Roberts. The only images came from White House photographer Pete Souza.
“Three wire services — The Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France-Presse – refused to move those images, in protest of the White House’s handling of the event.
“The wire services’ photographers were also denied access to photograph Obama sitting in the Oval Office on the first day, and similarly refused to move the White House approved photos.
“Michael Oreskes, the AP’s managing editor for U.S. news, told his own news outlet that “we are not distributing what are, in effect, visual press releases.”
I would suggest that these guys shut up before Gitmo remains open just for the likes of them.
Thus continues the Orwellian transparency. A transparency notable for how much is covered up and the presumption that the public has no right to know not granted them from on high.
Hat Tip/Jane Q. Republican

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