Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm A Little Envious of Liberals . . . .

This is copied and pasted complete from Afroconservative.

I was talking to my best friend this afternoon on my lunch break. I was telling her how I was a little envious of liberals. Yes. I admit it. J

But here’s why…

Liberals have the luxury of being all emotive about everything! They don’t really need to make substantive statements that are backed up by facts. All they have to say are things like: “I feel that everyone needs to have health insurance!” “War is bad!” “Torture is horrendous under any circumstances!” “The death penalty is inhumane!” “We need to save the environment!” “Oil companies make obscene profits!” “We care about poor people!” “Guns are bad!” “Let’s go green!” “We need more funding for decrepit schools!” “Poor people don’t have a choice but to commit crimes!”

Ah, the liberal utopia where we save trees but kill babies…

Obamabots might know or might not know that Obama is not going to rescind the Bush Tax-cuts --as promised. You think they care? His election doesn’t remove the global threats that America faces. He is not going to close Gitmo (within the first 100 days)-- as promised! Look, I can go on and on about his broken promises but... do you really think they care? Maybe the far lefties do…

You know why? Because it’s about the way Obama makes them feel. He is a master of deception. I give him mad props!!! He might even be better at mendacity than Clinton! Whew -now that's a tough record to break!

When I have discussions with my coworkers about how raising the minimum wage will cost jobs…I don’t get smiles, and sighs of content. I get looks of contempt for bursting their utopian bubbles.

So, there’s my mini gripe about why I’m a little envious of liberals. There I said it. You happy?

They can say anything, almost do anything (Like tell us it's patriotic to pay taxes but barely donate any of their personal incomes to charity), and still have this large following all because they know how to make people feel really really good!

Ignorance really is bliss.

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