Monday, January 5, 2009

Employee 'Free' Choice Act

The Employee Free Choice Act gets an Orwell Award since it actually takes free choice away from employees by abolishing the secret ballot in elections to unionize companies.
DKos claims it is essential to win better pay and benefits for workers. Nowhere in the dKos post does it actually explain that all the act does is remove the right to a secret ballot from workers. Is the kos crazy who wrote the post afraid that even the kossacks might want to preserve the secret ballot for workers?
I suspect that what is going on here is just an effort to take money against their will from American workers to give to Democrat candidates and the DNC. An increase in the number of companies and workers unionized will increase the pool of union dues available to be plundered by Democrats. And workers are seldom given any say in how the dues monies are spent. In its involuntary nature it is much like a tax on union workers and unionized companies.

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