Saturday, December 26, 2009

Babs Is Too Incompetent To Be Reelected To The Senate

Barbara Boxer should not be reelected because she has just cost California billions of dollars. Her doctrinaire liberal stance has always bothered me as one of her constituents. When her office even answers mail I send her their answer can be invariably be summed up as, “You’re full of it. We have the right answer. So why don’t you just shut up and let the professionals take care of things.” Basically she has never represented the interests of all the citizens of California but just the far out fringe left.
And she went along robotically with Obama’s health care bill no matter how many strange and weird incarnations it migrated through. Because of her blind obedience my Medicare is going to be gutted. If Babs had only feigned outrage at some aspect of the bill like some of the smarter senators she might have been able leverage her faux principles into some benefit for Californians. But she is too true blue a liberal and too stupid to be successful as a senator. I know that statement is pretty insulting. If Roland Burris, Al Franken and Chris Dodd can do it would seem that almost anybody could do that job. But it had to be said. One because I’m angry at how much money Boxer’s amateurishness is going to cost me. And, two, because her incompetence is going to cost millions of Californians thousands of dollars. I’m not demanding that a U.S. senator should have principles. I’ve been around long enough to know that that ship has sailed. But this dingbat owes it to the people who voted for her to know when it is in their best interests for her to act like a principled person.

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