Monday, December 21, 2009

Alan Grayson Flunked Democracy 101


Alan Grayson flunked Democracy 101. The man is offensive to the American spirit. There is a scene in this YouTube video in which he physically attacks a man for filming him while he walks down a public street. This sums him up: he has no respect for the law and he has no respect for other people. He feels he can do as he pleases and to Hell with the rights of others. And he is loved by the base of the Democrat party: go figure.
I saw this rube as a minor irritant at the far edge of my world until he demanded that the Department of Justice jail a citizen who criticized him on the internet. That was too much for me. I recognize that he thrives on negative attention. But his special kind of sliminess is best combated with massive amounts of sunlight.
He was one of the congressman who balked at listening to input from his constituents at a town hall meeting. He packed the hall so that very few critical voices were allowed in. The same YouTube video documents this anti-democratic stunt by this congressman who apparently is really nuts.
Grayson has no respect for others, feels no obligation to listen to the legitimate concerns of the people he claims to represent, is very willing to physically bully a critic, is not even embarrassed to publically attack freedom of expression. He has flunked Democracy 101 and is not fit to serve in congress.
There is a growth in this anti-democratic spirit in Washington, D. C. Obama has made working around congressional oversight into an art form by taking the rarely used czar position and creating a near endless number of them living and working outside the normal chains of responsibility and oversight that are the life blood of representative government. He has also flunked Democracy 101. As if his flourishing under the Chicago Way were not proof enough.
The Congress has descended into a strange authoritarian underworld by moving the creation of legislation behind closed doors. For years they have been allowing lobbyists and special interests to do the actual writing of the legislation. But to go the extra step of not allowing all members to see the legislation long enough before a vote to make informed choices is proof of their anti-democratic leanings. And hiding the process from the public is unforgiveable. We will be better off if none of this crew of back stabbers ever returns to Washington.
The buying and selling of votes in the Senate cannot be very new but the present lot have lost all shame and do it right out in public. It is as if they they have a deep commitment to causing nausea and widespread distrust in government. Do they think that Americans will find the whole thing so repellant that they will just return to ignoring the government and leave it to the slimebags? I think they might be surprised at what all of this will lead to. The whole Senate has been unwilling to follow its constitutionally mandated duty to properly police itself. They might get a few points for chutzpah but the whole Senate gets a failing grade in Democracy 101. Maybe the whole bunch of them could work for Hugo Chavez or the Iranian secret service since they have the requisite mind set. They sure do not have the attitudes and habits required for democratic government.

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Joe said...

Alan Grayson is the epitome of what has brought about the end of our Great Experiment. Whatever we have been for these 233 years we are no more.

It's been a good ride, but it's over.