Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Science Reporter Who Doesn't Know From Science

As usual, if you seek science ignorance go to MSNBC.

The 'science' reporter who looks like a high school girl says about the East Anglia tricksters that they have been, "trying for decades to get some traction on the global warming science and they really can't afford to have much detracting science get out." In other words they have an agenda. The ONLY true agenda of science is to ascertain the facts and find the intellectual framework that best explains the facts. If there are facts that a partisan of one theory can't afford to have made public it just means that the theory needs to be changed. If she can't understand that basic truth about the scientific method and if she feels compelled to find rationalizations for anti-scientific behavior she should change to covering a field she understands.

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Jeff Stone said...

I have to disagree.
Social Science is a science.
She is correct that the term "trick" is very often used in "everyday speak" when prostitutes discuss an "issue they are concerned with".