Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tina Brown: Destroyer of American Culture


The subject of this clip is Sarah Palin. But I'm going to get some feelings about Tina Brown off my chest
Before Brown took over the New Yorker it was a weekly treasure. It was full of long, well written articles about a wondrous variety of subjects. And they always had short fiction by good writers from all over the world. I would rather it had died than it suffer what she and her heirs subjected it to. Tina Brown took the great American institution and nearly turned it into People Magazine. Those who followed her have made it a mouthpiece for the DNC that on occasion has good writing inside.
The woman has little to offer as a talking head. She's mealy mouthed. It appears she has never thought about the subject under discussion, so, if someone else makes the least bit of sense she can't keep herself from agreeing and has no come back. But she is probably just no good at thinking on her feet.

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