Tuesday, December 8, 2009

dKos Leads Us Up the Tower of Babel

7--Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.

8--So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.

Genesis 11:7 and 8

I just read what dKos had to say about the clip of Sarah Palin below. One statement made by the kossack who wrote it was: “Sarah Palin says that America must seek rededicate itself to God and "seek his will" to solve "the great challenges" we face today.” In other words he might have listened to the audio clip but he did not understand what SP said. It does not seem that it would be difficult to understand. She didn’t use many big words. I guess this is just an example of how hate and intolerance can warp the mind. SP did not say anybody must do anything. She said if our leaders approached our problems with the humble attitude she describes then our country will be “safer and more prosperous.” The kossack attributed to SP nearly the opposite in meaning to what her words actually carry. Maybe if the kossack could release the hate he could regain his ability to understand plain, simple English.
The kossack also wrote, ” To Sarah Palin, freedom means the freedom to ignore the First Amendment, the freedom to unite church and state, and the freedom to impose her religious fanaticism throughout America and the world.” More lies. SP nowhere speaks of any church. She does not even mention any specific religion. And she nowhere says anyone must do anything. She merely says that if we act from a certain attitude certain results will follow. I am lead to believe that the intense misshaping of SP’s meaning must result either from a white heat of rabid hate or just cold, damn-the-consequences calculation.
It is possible that the Kossack understood SP all along but feels no guilt or shame in lying about SP. Maybe he is willing to brazenly lie to further some ‘great cause.’ Either way he is behaving in an antisocial and uncivilized manner. A civil society will inevitably deteriorate towards anarchy with too many such dishonest agents. I am reminded of the Tower of Babel from the Old Testament.

From my own experience I know that Sarah Palin is right. When I was in my late twenties life was closing in on me and I was deeply convinced I would not live to see my thirtieth birthday. It was suggested to me that I develop a spiritual way of life to end the increasing insanity and decreasing freedom in my life. I was an atheist but I saw no other outs. So I began to bring prayer and meditation and spiritual principles into my life. That was 34 years ago and I have experienced more freedom and happiness since than I ever had before. Contrary to what went before I began to develop my intuitive side. A faith that answers would be provided brought me more and better answers than my former unspiritual self ever found. And resources and supply of material things have flowed into my life. Any reader of my blog or my comments on other sites might detect an unspiritual angry and sarcastic edge. God willing that will continue to be refined out of me. But the point is that a change of attitude profoundly changed my life.

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