Saturday, December 5, 2009

PALIN: Oh, No She Didn't


I have taken this clip from the Daily kos. I didn't even read what they had to say about it. But it was probably the opposite of what I think. At this point in America's history I'm glad to hear a political leader being so explicit on the subject. Ten years ago, even six years ago I would have liked a leader to have such a stance but felt uncomfortable with them being this public with it. This would not be the reason I would vote for SP. But it's a nice sweetner. And I could still end up preferring someone else: it is not sufficient reason to vote for a candidate. I could even vote for a nonChristian, even an atheist or a deist. In fact I probably have voted for more than one in my life.
There will be those who will say that SP made this statement purely for calculated political reasons. My many experiences with people of deeply held faith keeps me from leaping to this conclusion.
This will be much discussed. I predict that SP will spend much less time talking about her faith and her church membership than Barack Obama did. And she will receive none of the tolerance and understanding from the MSM that was showered on Mr. Obama.

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Quite Rightly said...

It is a matter of historical record that our country came into existence when our Founders acted on their religious belief that they were morally obligated to defend the gifts given them by God, including their personal liberties.

Palin understands and shares this belief structure, and it is obvious that, like our founders and many patriots who came after them, she has tapped into a source of enormous strength and power.

Daily Kos managed to file Palin's statements under their "Loon Watch" tag, demonstrating, as they do continually, a frightening lack of depth, understanding, and tolerance.

Contrary to the limited group-think mentality of the socialist left, the U.S. has given great gifts to the world: technologies, medical advances, agricultural innovations, out-and-out charity, and blood and treasure poured out defending people around the world from their home-grown dictators. To those of us with a religious bent, these are all indications that our country has indeed "been touched by God," as Palin said.

While many within and without our country work toward our destruction, seemingly unaware of the loss that would be, I like to hope that God will remember the work, productivity, and sacrifices of so many Americans throughout our history and offer us His protection.