Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In Obamaworld 'Freedom of the Press' Does Not Extend to Answering Questions from the Press

By this point you would think Obama would be ashamed to show his face in a freedom loving country.
But there is an upside to him turning transparency on its head. There are inevitable side effects to frequent, regular and open press conferences that we are spared. I think that all of the MSM outlets would have to go to hour long evening news programs to even begin to explain, justify or cover over all of stupid, inaccurate and embarrassing answers Obama would give. That would just speed the rate at which Americans with common sense would abandon the alphabets. And so we are saved from ten to twenty years of elite pundits blaming everything but the real cause of the problem. I am sure my readers can think of many more examples of unpleasantness that Barry saves us from with his unhealthy attachment to secrecy and the blockade of the free flow of information. It's just too bad that Barry's bad habits are so destructive to a free and open society.

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Jeff Stone said...

Two things leap to mind

The first is benign:
Freedom of the Press is just that. The Press is Free. Free to ask, free to print, et.c. There is no requirement for anyone to answer.

The second is less benign:
Every time the Democrats in power name a piece of legislation it's true meaning is the exact opposite of it's name. How long until they twist this freedom-loving Act into a leftist dream pretzel ?