Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Federal Government Will No Longer Use the Term 'Enemy Combatant'

The site ANGRY WHITE DUDE has proposed some alternatives. It's short so I've copied and pasted the whole piece:

Showing the love for his Muslim terrorist homies, President Obama’s administration is ending use of the term “enemy combatant.”  The Justice Department said on Friday that it will no longer use the term to hold enemy comba….oops…the “you know whats” at Guantanamo.  His decision to close Guantanamo is ridiculously stupid because so many of the released “you know whats” have returned to their “you know what” ways.  Once a “you know what” always a “you know what.”  But heaven forbid we imprison them…that may make us look bad on with other “you know whats.”  If Obama was a Roman Caesar his name would be Doofus Maximus.
Since we can no longer call “you know whats” “you know whats,” the Angry White Dude will try to come up with some names that may be acceptable to Obama aka Doofus Maximus to call “you know whats.” Here are a few:
1.  Fuzzy little buddies
2. Head choppers
3. Hairy cave dwellers
4. emeny-a ombatants-cay
5. Guantanamonkeys
6. Burqa beaters
7. Enemizzle combatizzles
8. Brown bombers
9. Iranimals
10. Budding Democrats


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