Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sharia Finance Is The Thin End Of The Wedge And Supports The Forces That Fight OurTroops

I came across this clip on the site Social Sense. Because I haven't researched the subject deeply, I can't vouch for its truth. But I see no conflict with anything I already know about the Islamic world or the willful blindness one so often sees in the American government. So I'm posting it as a spur to more discussion and investigation.

Thanks to Joe at Jo-Joe Politics for tipping me to Social Sense.


Joe said...

If Middle East oil can yield one trillion dollars a year in the Middle East, why haven't we yet decided to drill here and make a few trillion for ourselves?

Could there be someone in charge who doesn't WANT us to make money in oil?

Is that possible?

Chris M. said...

I think lefties tend to think any policy that doesn't make America weaker and poorer unsound. And rendering America endlessly dependent on foreign energy sources would be seen by a liberal as nearly perfect for sticking it to America both ways. Sometimes they talk about alternative energy sources. But no such thing exists so it's a little strange to base policy on a fantasy. You would have more luck finding an honest congressman than a reliable alternative energy source. And they seem committed to getting rid of nuclear and coal.