Monday, March 23, 2009

My President Promised Me Bipartinship And Postpartinship And All I Got Was . . .

Stop the ACLU has a good piece that analyzes two recent editorials about Obama and bipartisanship. I especially enjoyed this paragraph:
“But, the differences in the two are not just in conclusion but in the journey it took to get there. Sadly, the journey the Dunkelman piece took to get to its conclusion went through Obamamania, into the Obamagobsmacked tunnel, then it took The One turnpike, and ended up parked squarely in Obama’s southern port… if you know what I mean? In other words, it was based solely on a sycophantic love affair with the Obammessiah instead of on solid political analysis.”
But I recommend reading the whole thing for a quick journey among Federalists, Antifederalists, the Civil War, Reconstruction, Obamamania and some recent home truths. Go. Enjoy.

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