Monday, March 16, 2009

Hoyt Axton and John Hartford: Yellow Rose of Texas

Hoyt's mother wrote 'Heartbreak Hotel.' In the '60s I saw him live at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach. CA. This clip is sedate compared to what I saw that night. The Golden Bear was a small intimate folk club in those days. The customers in the front row were only three or four feet from the performer. Hoyt put his guitar on his lap and used a butter knife on the neck. A guy in the front row asked, "Aren't you supposed to use a straight razor for that?" Hoyt leaned over to that guy and said in his gravely voice, "I left it in an audient."
John Hartford is memorable because he always made the Glen Campbell variety show worth watching.

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keenom said...

Man, you know music. Hoyt, Townes, Waylon, Willie, Johnny, Linda R. - this is some great vids right here!