Thursday, March 26, 2009

Man Made Global Warming Loses at A University Debate in Scotland

St Andrews University Debating Society in Scotland recently held a debate about man made global warming. Stop the ACLU has an excellent post about it. The post noted that, “It is difficult to arrange a debate of anthropogenic (that is, man-made) global warming (AGW) because few proponents of AGW are willing to face such debate. They know from past experience that they always lose such debates because there is no evidence that AGW exists and much evidence that it does not.” And also that, “t was somewhat spoiled by the weakness of the proponents of the motion. (I have good reason to suspect this weakness is because stronger speakers could not be obtained to propose the motion. If so, then it is yet another example of leading proponents of AGW fearing to face their critics in open debate).”
The complete post is well worth reading.

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