Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Light of Chicago Leads Us: To Be So Blessed And Not Even Know It

Sometimes it is difficult to have dwell with people who don't understand the truly astonishing thing that is happening among us.  Since matter first existed nothing as magnificent as Barack Obama has existed.  Never in all of those eons.  Never!  We are blessed to live in such wondrous times.  Since the stupid little founding of America nothing of note ever happened in the Western hemisphere until a few years ago some masters of thought and communication conceived and created MSNBC.  The caring and unselfish opinionators of MSNBC taught us how to truly hate the Bushhitler.  They began to free America from its Republican slavemasters.  After this miracle any one could have died happy knowing that something of value was finally operating in America.  But, marvel of marvels and wonder of wonders this was just a beginning.  For it has been revealed that MSNBC came only to prepare the way and make us ready for the great Barack.  MSNBC had to come and make us worthy.  Only they could teach us how to truly and perfectly hate Republicans.  The slow. smirking, seemingly fallacious and often petty burn of this hate was necessary to prepare us inwardly for Obama.  To the low and unworthy what Chris and Keith did often seemed frivolous, shabby and envious.  But what can decent people say to fools who  think honesty and truth are still possible,  And, truly, some people will never be able to appreciate the importance of well developed pectoral muscles and endlessly cunning and devious BS.  We are living in the golden age of America, yet some want to focus on little things like ethics, clean elections and the free enterprise system.  Barack lives among us and some big babies want to also be free.  We have the Light of Chicago to lead us but there are some swollen egos who presume to tell him where to take us.  His prophets Keith, Chris, Chuck, George, Harry, Matt and Katie will tell you all you need to know.  So shut up already.

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