Thursday, April 15, 2010

Asking Questions, Expressing An Opinion on How My Congressman Votes and Disagreeing With the Washington Elite Has Become Hating the Government????

Drudge linked a piece from the Washington Examiner by Chris Stirewalt titled 'Hating the Government Finally Goes Mainstream.' Here is a long quote that has some insight into the past two years:
"It turns out that watching Goldman Sachs, the United Auto Workers, public employee unions and a raft of other vampires drain the treasury at America's weakest moment in a generation will make a person pretty hacked off.
"After Barack Obama's election, Democrats assumed that the American people were battered, bruised and ready for a morphine drip of European-style socialism. Republicans, shocked by their stunning reversals, figured the Democrats were right and started looking for technocrats of their own.
"And in a political system fueled by special-interest money, it was hard for the leaders of major parties to imagine anything other than an activist government. After all, if you pay for someone to get elected, you don't expect him to just sit there.
Just 18 months ago the leaders of both parties were quite sure that Obama would be the popular, transformative president he aspires to be. The Republicans who emerged from the wreckage of November were certain to look a lot more like Charlie Crist and Mitt Romney than Marco Rubio and Ron Paul.
"But Crist's embrace of Obamanomics seems to have utterly destroyed his chances at a Senate seat that was once his for the taking. Romney, considered a near lock for the 2012 Republican nomination, has seen his candidacy badly damaged by a populist revolt against the passage of a national health care plan that looks like the one he designed for Massachusetts.
"Obama, who said that passage of his health plan proved that Washington could still do big things, finds himself deeply at odds with an electorate that is not confident of government's ability to do anything at all.
"His election has turned out to be not the result of a national lurch toward government intervention but his own skill at disguising his policies, the failures of the Republican Party and the bursting of the lending bubble."

The piece makes a lot of sense but the headline seems a little out of place. It makes a gratuitous leap that equates having a different point of view from those presently in Congress the same as hating the government. This is just sloppy thinking and a sneaky below the belt punch. Just because I don't think that government operates best by bribery, secrecy and legislative trickery does not mean I hate government. I do not like the crimes and manipulations of the gang of clowns that are presently in office. I think government should never be trusted. It is just a collection of flawed men and women who need to be watched. And if you cannot see the wisdom of that I do not think that I am the problem.

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