Friday, April 16, 2010

UPDATE on Attack on Jindal Aide in French Quarter

Allee Bautsch's leg was broken in 5 places and Joe Brown, her boyfriend, had his nose broken according to Bautsch's mother when she was interviewed by Megan Kelly. Michelle Malkin counsels caution in the treatment of this story. It seems that the info about political insults preceding the attack is possibly questionable and not firmly enough founded as yet. Malkin writes:
"This was a terrible crime in the crime-infested French Quarter. Your heart cannot help but go out to the victims after reading this description. They deserve non-partisan compassion and prayers for healing.
"It doesn’t help to insist on making this a partisan cause celebre and reducing the victims to political pawns when the evidence remains murky — and especially when one of the victims himself heard no politically-motivated taunts.
"Save the ideological outrage for bona fide cases of politically motivated violence."

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