Friday, April 16, 2010

Political Violence in New Orleans that Goes Unreported by the MSM Because It Does Not Fit Their Prejudices and the Story They Are Trying to Sell

Here is some actual political violence with a concussion and a broken leg. This is not the stuff of the MSM that is just 'hate speech' that none of a dozen video cameras were capable of capturing. (By the way, Andrew Breitbart is still willing to pay $100,000 to anyone who can produce actual evidence of the hate crime that the networks have claimed happened on Capitol Hill. The fact that this money has gone unclaimed is more newsworthy than what has been reported by the networks.)
The Hayride which calls itself asite of "news and commentary on Louisiana and national politics" had this photo of Jindal aide Allee Bautsch and her boufriend, Joe Brown after they had been beaten up by 5 attendees at a political rally. Hayride states, "A frequent reader and usually reliable source to the Hayride passes along a possible explanation of how the attack happened (and this substantially fits with what we’ve been told by a couple of other people we’ve talked to on background):You might be interested in a comment that showed up under the Times-Picayune’s last article which contained that photo of the crime scene. A commenter who calls himself lernedlesson and who is usually in the know posted that he heard from a co-worker who knows Joe Brown and has talked to him since the incident. Brown confirmed that it was a political attack and that he thought the culprits had been at the protest. There were five of them, and when they started trash-talking to the couple he told her to run for the car. She was attacked by one of them and the other four went after him."
Hayride also had this quote from the Times-Picayune: "Yes, there is more to this story. A co-worker, who went to college with the boyfriend, was relating what he was told when he talked to him. It WAS political, as the attackers were recognized as protesters at the fund-raising event, and there were 5 attackers, not 3. The couple realized they were being stalked after being berated for their political affliations and support of Jindal. The bf told the gf to run for their car; 4 of the attackers lit into the bf, beating him to the point of concussion; and the last tracked down the gf. She broke her leg when he bashed her to the ground."
Early on there was a report that the attack was caused by the couple's wearing of Palin pins but there do not appear to be any such pins in evidence in the photo.

What are the chances that this will get any network news coverage? You can rest assured that it will get less coverage than the nonexistent N-words on Capitol Hill a couple of weeks ago. What are the chances that Madow and Olbermann will appologize for the violence their anti-Republican hate speech has generated?

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