Saturday, April 17, 2010

Obama Targets Wall Street

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When an accomplished and effective manipulator comes at you they will tell you how intelligent and good looking you are with honeyed flattery that they hope will turn off your critical thinking. Then they will tell you all the wonderful things they are going to do for you and paint you a lovely picture of the bountiful new world you will soon live in thanks to them. Well in a radio address Obama would look dumb telling me how attractive and intelligent I am but he really lays it on with the rosy picture of all the wonderful things he’s going to do for me. Do I even deserve a president who cares so much about my every little need?
The problem is that now I have some real history with which to judge whether or not he’s telling me the truth. He talked for ever about how I needed him to pass a health care reform bill so that the growing costs of health care do not crush our economy. As near as I can tell his health care ‘fix’ is going to end up being more expensive than the cost of doing nothing. They cobbled together a gigantic mess that few if any congressmen even read before voting on. I doubt that Obama himself read all of the final bill. But it creates many new federal bureaus and employees and requires 16,500 more IRS agents to collect the new revenue from many different tax sources. And millions more will be forced to buy health insurance. And, to escape large federally imposed penalties, they will not even be allowed much freedom of choice: the federal bureaus and panels and IRS agents will tell you what coverage you must have. Do I even deserve a president who cares so much about my every little need?
So he repeatedly promised to lower health care costs but then raised them as soon as he got a chance to put his stamp on the process. Now, why should I expect that any promise he makes is anything but manipulation? It is becoming obvious that he wants to pass a big new package of laws constraining Wall Street. But his past behavior tells me that the rosy promises he is making me of a bountiful future is probably just an attempt to manipulate me into dropping my critical thinking on the issue. It has been suggested that Wall Street has just been chosen as a convenient demon. It is easy to get people riled up against them and a big, loud push can take the national attention off what an utter failure the final form of the health care bill is. I have to also wonder if it is not also a Chicago style campaign finance push: letting Wall Street know that if they do not let go of many, many large chunks of money that he will choke them to death legislatively and with regulations. What did I do to deserve a president who puts his own interests so consistently ahead of mine?


Now, after the health care bill has been passed, the NYT has begun reporting honestly about how much more expensive this law will be than what the president promised 4,863 times. Yet another case of 'Only the News That Fits.'

h/t: Breitbart TV

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