Monday, April 19, 2010

That Story About the Beating of the Jindal Aide in New Orleans Just Will Not Die

It is getting more complicated as there is now question as to whether or not the police were not making it seem less serious in an attempt to down play its severity as a part of a systemic practice of statistical manipulation. There continue to be reports that the victims believe it was politically motivated and committed by individuals protesting at the Republican fund raiser. At the Hatride there is a long post that is an accumulation of many strands and stories from many sources. Go there to get the full story. One quote from Hayride:
"But while the Yahoo! News story appears to grudgingly admit the obvious, that the protestors at Brennan’s produced the attack, reporter Bret Michael Dykes still manages to inject an obnoxious and insulting paragraph toward the end of the piece: "Of course, even if Bautsch and Brown’s recollection is correct and the attackers did come from the group protesting the event, they can’t know for sure what their motives were. Their account of the non-political nature of the verbal assault matches the one Brown gave police and the homophobic, misogynistic nature of the insults would be unusual coming the kind of person one might expect to protest a Republican fundraiser."
"So anarchist thugs who attack people on the streets for their political beliefs are still morally superior because only Republicans are homophobes and misogynists? Seriously? This actually made it into a story Yahoo ran on their site?"

Yahoo displays a typical leftie tone deafness.