Saturday, May 1, 2010

Democrats Care Nothing for the Safety of Arizona Citizens Caught in A Tsunami of Violence: They Just Want to Wring An Electoral Advantage Out of It

This video is from May 07, 2009 but these conditions remain a plague that haunts Arizona. Six or seven years ago I used to read about the drug and human smuggling related violence that was sometimes reported in the L A Times. But it was just too horrific and I often could not get myself to suffer through reading about more be-headings, mass graves and kidnappings. But all of this has been slowly moving into our South West. I know it does not get reported much because most of the MSM does not want people aware of anything that would stand in the way of their agenda of amnesty and open borders. I find the unconcern of the Democrats and the press with the safety of common citizens disgusting.

*********** UPDATE *******************
Something more recent from CNN. It is from yesterday. They continue to lie by not giving any real specific information about the violence: they just kinda indicate that it kinda exists. But there are no horrific details that might help make the case for the new Arizona law or jeopardize amnesty or open borders. They lie by omission.
Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama and the congress have shirked their responsibility to maintain the border and to keep ordinary citizens safe. The people of Arizona had their backs against the wall and no help was coming. So they have done the best they were able in order to defend themselves. People have a right to defend themselves. The Democrats and the RINOs are throwing them to the wolves for partisan advantage. And the amnesty and open borders demonstrators are out of touch with the violence citizens of Arizona have to live with daily because the federal government has failed them. How low would the DNC and their cronies stoop to pick up votes?


Quite Rightly said...

I have experienced, first hand, the impenetrable wall of Democrat denial of the horrific human suffering that happens when drug thugs invade a neighborhood. You might expect Democrat politicians--who have something to gain--to deny the reality, but it is difficult to accept when your Democrat "friends" and co-workers, city officials, judges, and even child protective services "run home to Nanny" by labeling the people who complain racist. Even though I lived through it, I still am not able to explain this disconnect with reality except to consider that large numbers of Democrats do not want to think about how their "recreational" drugs made it to their door.

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Chris M. said...

The answer might be in the drugs. Use of mind altering drugs makes denial not just easy but the default thought pattern. That is why addicts do not often quit: their denial system makes them impervious to the consequences they and their loved ones suffer daily because of their addiction.